Double Calendars Part 1 of 3 | The Complete Guide to Options Strategies

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In part 1 of this options trading strategy session, tastytrade presents research around the effectiveness of executing Double Calendar Spreads in an Equity Index like $SPX. The Research Team measured Success Rate, Average P/L, P/L per Day and management across various timeframes to determine the validity of this strategy. Tune in for the results and takeaways! Then, watch Part 2 as the Research Team interprets the results!

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Swen B says:

Hi Guys,
thanks a lot for this new study. I have a question for understanding:
1. Your average debit was only around 1.6% ? You always paid a debit of around $200 when opening the trade, but in reality the average debit(loss) was only around $35 ? (simple example based on strike at 2200).

Iwan Darma says:

all study avg P/L is include commision + fee for tastyworks account?

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