Dow 23,000! Disturbing Trend Points to Major Stock Market Crash

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The Dow has breached 23,000 points. this is not the first time the stock market has gone through such fast advances but the times it has shows a disturbing trend. The trend points to Major stock market crash


tedddy edwards says:

I predicted last year  between 23 and 24k by the end of the year 2017. The dow will end at 27k to 28 k for 2018. Don't bother with gold as it WILL NOT get past $1350 in the coming year. Probably blkow $1200 or 1100k. Still waiting for about TEN YEARS for this so-called big crash.

Buddha Pest says:

From an elliot wave perspective it's actually 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

JohnnyBGood11 says:

The Dollar is the strongest weakest King on the planet…backed by guns & bombs.

Daniel Berdichevsky says:

these people are completely out of their fucking minds

Nastynasthat 2017 says:

QE money is finding a home, not to say market won't correct one day, but when we do we might not even break 30,000, but any way copper has ben making a big move I would expect silver to come up from here ,imo

Deez nuts says:

I sharted a little bit when I saw your intro hilarious

Southeastern Ohio Honeybees says:

The longer they wait the more painful it will be. I would have pulled the plug years ago.

pranksterguy1 says:

Like the opener!

A CATAL says:

Your new introduction has made me laugh about this old man with his dog, have been pissing off & hit the pole, without looking where he is going………Lol!

Tajul Akbar Ismail says:

Black Monday, 19th October 1987 … Thursday will be the 30th anniversary … maybe something will happen … maybe not

Linda Ardito says:

Hello Art Cashin!

vincent parlante says:

According to some others out therw. They seem to feel that the only way the market would flop or crash ?? is if ??? Trump can't get the corporate tax cut bill passed through the house. And yet ??? there still is a large number of those who are skeptical of the bill or tax cuts even close to passing. Anyway, I think I will go and enjoy a nice cannoli. ciao.

KQX571 says:

Sorry, the Dow will not be crashing this year. You can ban me from the channel, talk smack, flame me all in caps, but the market WILL NOT crash in 2017. Just won't happen, sorry to burst your bubbles.

wayne mcclory says:

C R A S H I N G ….NOW….grab your life jackets .

Keith Williams says:

I bought a little silver today- blue light special in isle 9! Sale-sale-sale!

Mark Shirley says:

YouTube truth botty-wipe machine, YouSuck!

Mark Shirley says:

No crash! Controlled demolition like building 7 to take freedom and invade the world. There will not be a crash as such. More like a 'roll-INTO of this whole debt bubble into the cashless all-digital blockchain trap. Take that blasted chip in your hand for the forgiveness of your debt and you will sell you freedom forever so you can breath and eat for one more day. t

Tom Trefz says:

Dow 25,000 almost here

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