Dow Crashes 2,000 points – What's Next?

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Stock Market Crash 2020 – What To Do Now

Monday, March 9th, was one of the worst days in the stock market’s history. It has left 401ks, IRAs and all forms of retirement accounts under some major distress…especially if you have any exposure to oil and gas, with it taking one of the worst beatings across all sectors.

So to hopefully ease some of the worry and fear that’s building, I’m going to discuss how you need to ‘detach’ from the current moment to see the once in a decade type of opportunity we have in front of us.

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Ian says:

Soooooo, we should buy oil stocks and travel stocks huh? Because unless it's the end of the world, it has to bounce back right?

Austin Jake Wilkins says:

Do you suggest pulling an unsecured line of credit now with banks? Or should we still wait? On you're last video you said April 29th prediction of lower interest rates. Or do you think it is actually happening faster?

Tiago Tavares says:

well.. you should've uploaded this video sooner ;P

Edwin Jansen says:

Conclusion: All financial markets are ruled by mass psychology aka the collective unconsciousness. Like a mental patient over reacting…


The rich getting ready to b with the middle class😵😵

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