Dow Crashes 800 Points! Stock Market Disaster

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The Dow 30, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 absolutely crashed hard today! The stock market was just an absolute disaster from a long perspective. Short term put buyers made a fortune today though!
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Financial Education says:

Notification/Instagram squad anyone?!
If you would like to learn different options strategies in this course I go into many
Have a great day

Young Leaper says:

Tariff news is economic news

g0neplatinum says:

Looking at the futures looks like were in for another down opening (12/06), you buying the dip Jeremy? By the way I like your video, great work.

Louie D'angelo says:

This market has me down to my under wear, i have literally lost everything.

commonsense living says:

poor jeremy going broke. he will ask for donations soon

lilgapple says:

I can't wait for the stock market to crash and the dollar collapse so you dumbasses can learn something

aj dileo says:

Tesla is going down to. Only stupid investors like yourself believe in them. No profits

no says:

Options are gambling this guy is a joke

aj dileo says:

Bro the economy as a whole is trash right now. These bubbles are popping

Jeff Anderson says:

So….you didn't see the tweet by the 45th president making investors think that there's no official tariff deal with China?

Cicero Araujo says:

take at the cape ratio

Cicero Araujo says:

it's a sell, sell, sell market

Cicero Araujo says:

this market is over priced

Rael Candelaria says:

Will apple be fine and still a long term play

John Hanna says:

Haha the beginning was hilarious

mrserv0n18 says:

whats your thoughts on that ELY dump?

Silverback Studios 3000 says:

No real data ? The flattening yield curve panicking people about recession and exaggerations of Trump on G20 meeting is pretty big points that were not even touched has me puzzled to say the least …think the banks got crushed because of Apple ? Lol how about Toll Brothers , one of your picks ? Showing signs of slowing housing …Geesh Apple is the least of my concerns with yesterday’s plummet. No trust in a lying president and a yo yo Fed , hence a flattening yield curve has most of my money on the sidelines.

Shef Field says:

Anyone else hopping in this as a bear? ? I think Thurs. still might drop


????? i cant flip pizza but god can i flip some flap jacks ???

Adarsh Kumar says:

Daamn I can flip some flapjacks ?

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