Dow Jones Bear Market Sell Off Continues Technical Analysis

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Close Dow Jones Bear Market Sell Off Continues Technical Analysis Trend Jobless Recovery in the US Stock Market Indices Huge Gap Down Trading Dow Jones Industrial Index Average

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StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

Today's Stock Market Trading Lesson: Live After Hours Short & Long NFLX Earnings Play /watch?v=4DZRVKmf2Kg

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@dave997 We're seeing the call side sell off and set up for this next options expiration. We'll be picking up some calls whole in and out throughout the week.

Brabus says:

i think we might double bottom off some good US economic news tommorow or later this week that would rally us to around 115 on the spy to put in a right shoulder on this top before we break the longterm neckline for the next leg down. I see that scenario a lot more than us breaking it right now but of course anything could happen. There's a lot of shorts in the market that will probably be punished short term before we make new lows. Id sell in any rally, especially if we get around 114 SPY

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