Dow Jones Falls Over 500 Points! Stock Market Sell Off Continues US Stocks Opening Bell Capitulation

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Close DOW JONES DOWN Over 500 Points Intraday! US Stocks Live Opening Bell Capitulation Trading Video. Watch how US Stocks trade. We’ll cover Google Options Trading Education. Financials Lead Sell-Off, but This Is Not 2008. Gold to new all-time highs at $1832 in electronic trade. Wall Street Down 4%; Stocks Slammed Amid Global Growth Concerns, Euro Zone Woes, Disappointing Data. Fed concerned about European banks’ U.S. units. Consumer prices rose by the most since March. Morgan Stanley cuts global growth forecasts. Home sales dropped 3.5 pct. in July, hit 2011 low. Jobless claims rise 9,000. Philly Fed factory activity plummets in August. Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to lowest on record. Gold surges to record as stocks sell off.

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JohnOptions says:

Haha, that is great!



StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@2Manolo3 a lot of states are talking about printing their own currency, definitely will be interesting to watch. ECB and the Euro are in trouble and it's funny how these things seem to always play out on an options expiration.

2Manolo3 says:

@StockMarketFunding if everyone would pay of their debt there wouldn't be any money left and we would still be in debt. It's the interests on the debt that make it like that. And of course stimulus don't work. It's to late act. I wonder what the impact on the US economy will be. Because when the $ can't buy anything anymore it's better to produce it at home. So probably more local production. It will be interesting to watch.

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@2Manolo3 well said! These economic stimulus have historically never worked. The commercial real estate bubble is still inflated, and there is not enough money in the system to pay off all the global debt and the 1.5 quadrillion in derivatives. Money is never lost, only transferred. Asia has a better outlook for sure, but it looks like the monetary policy is trying to bring back the strength to the US at the cost of emerging nations' inflation. We're writing our economic forecast for 2012 now.

2Manolo3 says:

@StockMarketFunding I agree. And the ECB + US have no more golden bullets left. IMO it's going to be worse then the 1929 crisis. The biggest wealth transfer in history. It's Asia's time to shine now. But since capitalism is very ill. My guess is it will only last 20 years and then they will crash also. It's all connected. We need a global default. And a different kind of money regulation. If we want to stop these inherent systemic crashes. It's like a wave movement over and over again.

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@ruellan2003 didn't even notice how close that was to the 52 week low, glta on that trade, with things selling it'll put pressure on commodities if the dollar continues to get strength which just closed about it's 50 day MA. You have a .6% gap up today, hope it works out for you.

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@2Manolo3 we said it back in May, the financials lead the markets higher and they'll lead the markets lower. We're seeing a more orderly sell off than we did with the flash crash. We'll need to hit a real bottom before any markets can move higher.

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@chuck3377 by when? that's 303% from where we are now

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx markets definitely have a great deal of fear and we're in the heart of a monthly options expiration which plays a role into all the selling you're seeing. We'll be updating our stock index analysis later today after the opening bell.

2Manolo3 says:

Almost every bank stock got hit hard. The market was bloodred. I think the crash is near.

ruellan2003 says:

bought uso today,, glta


Do u.think the market is collapsing?

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@ChartingPlatform The major market averages dropped dramatically again today. The sell-off stemmed from heightening fears related to the macro environment.

Stocks were under pressure from the start of trade. Initial weakness was owed to the aggressive selling displayed abroad. Asia's averages all fell more than 1% overnight, but things were even more volatile in Europe, where Germany's DAX dropped 6.0%, France's CAC fell 5.4%, and Britain's FTSE finished with a 4.6% loss.

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@ChartingPlatform for now 🙂 It's still options expiration till 4 PM tomorrow

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@RAMKING61 lol, that's our trading platform…we have a 20 minute bell that I believe is the sound of a jet taking off!

ChartingPlatform says:

Markets stabilized after putting in the knife hook low, great trade management

RAMKING61 says:

Was that a cablecar, streetcar, or subway that rolled through at 13:36?
But seriously, what was that?

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

@Jonnybarbs yeah…we've been using it for a few years

Jonnybarbs says:

are you guys using skype to talk?

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