Dr. Dean Handley Reviews: Felton Trading Roger Felton

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Presented is a review and analysis of Felton trades of which appear to be cameo in nature, phantom in origin and devoid of chart trader data. The posted track record does not match daily observed trades.


Jeffrey Wong says:

Of course you did not see the entries because Roger was entering based on other charts, he has other charts opened to time the entries. Different charts give you different entry points. He cannot put all his charts on the screen of the trade room, space is limited. I have his indicators so I have similar charts opened and I can see why he entered and exited. His indicators are not magic buttons, I still have to learn a lot before I can use them well. It's impossible you can learn how to use those indicators by watching it a few days. He likes to explain things to people on the phone in details. What's the point not to just call him and listen to him if you want to know more and why? You can use your google voice to call if you don't want to use your cell number. I called him a few times to ask him questions in the beginning and he never calls me. You don't need to worry about he would keep calling you. He does have consistent results. I did watch the trading room a lot before and I could see that. It is very unfair to criticize someone just because you don't have the indicators to see what the sees and you don't want to call him to ask him why/how he does it.

foreverreal california says:

Dr Dean. Where did you get your PHD from? I'm interested where you got your doctorate degree from. I'm interested to know what makes you an expert in evaluating these rooms?

Jipson Vincent says:

I did see a bunch of your review videos. Some of them are good. But it seems like you are trying to promote your business by talking about other people's mistakes. Is it because you don't have anything good to talk about your website and trading? Anyways, giving phone number to a chat room is not a big deal for many people including me. You make it a big issue in your review videos. I visited your website also, didn't really impress me. By the way, I don't have anything to do with those companies that you were reviewing, and I don't own a trading website or business. I am an individual trader who trade for living successfully. Just wanted to put out some words here after seeing you bragging about others. Good day

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