Dr Dean’s Greatest Insights to Futures Trading Success

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Detailed are 4 insights that will offer traders a reasonable perspective on the futures trade industry and a logical approach to select best rooms from the current 1303 sites that have been identified and evaluated.


Vance Roberts says:

Dean, worst is stock swoosh….horrible……but my best is an old one…..one that isnt on your site. i read his book and was going to ignore it, however i used some fibs, went back to the book, repeated a few times and it clicked. i joined for more than a year and it has been amazing. he doesnt show trades and never claims to be that kind of a service. i would love to know what you think but you have to read the book, watch the webinars and join for atleast a month. I stumbled across your videos looking for the next room that can teach me more.

Jerell J says:

When you shine a light..the roaches scatter.

Dave Adams says:

Sorry I disliked by mistake. I see on your "naughty" list Net Picks. I couldn't find a video review on them. Are they buried somewhere in another video?

Olivier Thibeault says:

Very good info, thanks.

Dean Handley says:

Thanks George – they are both Forex rooms – I only trade futures – have any futures trade rooms to share??

George Zakravsky says:

I came across your video by accident and I am glad I did. I am sick and tired of all scams out there and I tried out many of them. The most acceptable site I found is Expert4x.com and worst is Trading Empire & MTI.

jonnydoe says:

Wow, you're right; too many to list. I got suckered into A Business with Trading for 1 month. That was horrible. As for my best, to be honest, I haven't found it yet.

By the way, Harry Singh has a new site alerttradeprofit dot com. I tried it for a week and he's right back to the same shenanigans he was pulling at tradestarpro. Another one for your list to avoid.

Question: You know Alla Peters' room is terrible. Why would you be in her room again for another eval? Did she make some claim of changing her ways?

Kirk VandenBerghe says:

Hi, Dean. Well, I trusted Chris and Rick at globalforcestn.com but was never able to create my own winning strategy using their T3 autotrader, indicators, and methodologies. My worst experience was Schooloftrade.com.

Dean Handley says:

Thanks Roberto – I agree with your thinking – I like David also and you are 2nd person to rate Emini Junkie worse – where is that room now if it changed names???

Jake Lewis says:

Hey Dean. I sent you an email a few days ago. jlew***@***.com

Roberto Salas says:

Best Trading Room: Polaris Trading Group (PTG). EXCELLENT mentor, David Dube shows ALL trades LIVE; both winners & losers. PTG website loaded with helpful trading material. Excellent Trial Membership Program. I am current subscriber to PTG & HIGHLY recommend to everyone. Worst Trading Room: Emini Junkie, I believe now changed names, located in Ft Mill, SC. Lots of colorful garbled charts with unclear trade action. Room leader pushed sales of additional packaged materials.

Leon Lewis says:

Emini Volume Trader‏ @RamosTrader where did he go DR?
also have you checked out http://www.cnfuturestrading.com what do you think about them sir?
thanks in advance

drewhart2 says:

Worst room was Emini Junkie and Dave Marsh's Emini trading Strategies..Best room was GTR when Bob and Sandy were in it with Simon.

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