Dr. Handley's Review: TradeForGreatness.com

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Trade for Greatness is a recommended Global Trade Titan that trades truthfully, transparently and profitably. Run by April Benedict, she achieves that highest P/L per gold and oil trade of 1607 other trade rooms. Also covered in this video is a short systematic review of 20+ other trade rooms owned/operated/run by women traders.


Jerell J says:

Truth in trading separates the winners from the whiners.

Dean Handley says:

Midnight Kiwi commented that "Everyone's a Sim millionaire , put some risk on the table and see how things go" and to a great extent I disagree and then agree. First as to disagreement – of the 1622 or so rooms I can only find 1 in 100 that can trade sim profitably and none have ever been close to a millionaire – in fact $50K -$150K per year is the max for sim.
And as for risk on the table, I agree 100% – trading your own money live is a whole new world. I recently viewed Emini Vinny and now have confirmed he trades live $$$ in real time, with posted AMP statements. He will trade large contract size and rapid trade density in a manner outside of common sim rooms but he does put risk on the table.

Dean Handley says:

In any room at any time, you need 3 things: 1. to see ALL trades in real time start to finish executed on a price chart or a DOM; 2. a detailed posting of trade performance for each trade, for each day in a simple tabular form (not videos) and 3. to trade with a room that nets over $50K per year with each trade normalized to 3 contracts per trade. Expect this level of truthfulness, transparency and profitability and 99.4% of the 1622 trade rooms will fall aside.

Dean Handley says:

GGdps just told that TFG is the highest P/L per trade of any room yet

shari says:

how can tradeforgreatness trade "profitably" they trade in SIM

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