E-Mini S&P 500 and E-Mini NASDAQ Day Trading Market Review 28th October

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In this weeks video I combine both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ video.

We look at the key levels from last week in relation to our analysis, and then go over the areas of interest moving forward. We look at support and resistance, as well as sloping support and resistance.


Badrul Hussain says:

Thanks for the video. Thought I am dummy trading this E-Mini. For some reason I can day trade it I.e. it's more predictable (well for now unless it's fluke). I find it hard to position / swing trade it.

Karen Schade says:

Thanks again for your help with the US markets. Great job! Still a lot to learn but I'm determined! I've been demo trading the SP E mini and the Nasdaq E mini. I think a lot of people trade the SP mini over here. I see it mensioned frequently in analysis classes/reports. Will continue to practice. Not consistent yet. With your help, I hope to get there! 😉

Roy Brandt says:

Thanks for giving your thoughts on the S&P 500. It's what i often trade.

Diego Carbajal says:

Hello, is it possible you add USDCAD on your weekly analisys,
Thank you so Much

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