E-mini S&P Futures Trading – Up $1.3 Million then limit down #yolotrading – August 24, 2015

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Some crazy Lock limit Down Action that I haven’t witnessed since the peak of the Financial Crisis.

Contrary to what most people think, markets drop due to no bid. Not massive selling. Knowing things like this can change the way you look at the market and understand it better.

I debated whether to post this or not but decided to go ahead, hoping that you guys might find a lesson to be learned here.

I also want to take the time to announce my retirement from full-time trading. It’s been an amazing 8 years for me. I’ve made enough money to take care of my family for generations to come, it’s been more than I ever hoped for.

This will likely be my last trading video. I don’t know what I’m going to do now except whatever I want. Enjoying life is my priority now.

To avoid any confusion, I had planned to retire earlier this year and is not due to this trade.
Thank you all, I wish you the best.


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Alex Winfrey says:

You and esjunkie taught me all I know, thank you.

If I ever develop immortality I will give you a ring

Alex Winfrey says:

by" no bid", do you mean no orders on the bid in the DOM?

Abena addae says:

what trading platform does he/she use?

slon314 says:

Cool. And I lose on that panic 100k$. But already trade back a half.

ramses kat says:

Even in days of despairs, i would watch these vids and get motivated like a MOFO! I remember you telling us to "Just Do it" in the chatroom 🙂

Thanks for all the Tips bruh and have a good retirement. You deserved it.

scottab140 says:

Epic boat. Thanks for helping the economy. :)

Lenry1337 says:

Sad to see you go, i always looked forward to your videos and the snippets of advice and education they gave. Have a good retirement!

Traders Insight says:

Inspirational Bruh. Epic Memes

TheDrumwhizard says:

Lak, you are an incredible inspiration to us all. You keep us all going through the hard times as an independent trader. The videos have provided a ton of value for those of us less experienced. I wish you all the best in your next endeavors.

MulliganBrothers MOTIVATION says:

Your Rich! Now send me some money :-)

SoccerwithAttitude says:

Well done! Keep it up!

Matthew woods says:

Lemme ask what we're all thinking….that your yacht bruh? also, is a rental portfolio good for that passive income?

Simon K says:

Sad to see you go Lakai. Really enjoyed your trading videos and music. All the best.

Clever Trader says:

The man who showed me it is all POSSIBLE…. that someone can trade monster positions over 100 contracts live and kill it consistently. Even replied to me on IG when my old username was "lordwallst" saying "cheers" Which pumped me 1000x even more that he recognizes that I exist, being my biggest motivation and inspiration in my life…. the feeling was unreal…. and Lakai, YOU COULD NOT HAVE FOUND YOURSELF A BETTER SUCCESSOR. I AM HERE, I AM READY FOR THE THRONE!!!!! God Bless, we will meet 5 years from now … in retirement 🙂 the real journey STARTS NOW… as I have big shoes to fill. Bless up.

Andrew Wainwright says:

Lak i have to say that i have learned so much from you but more importantly you motivated me to keep at trading even when it was just horrible, as i could see what is possible. Have fun and an EPIC retirement :-)

Bryan Gilbert says:

Thank you for the priceless videos Lakai I truly wish you the best in life

craplike123 says:

Lak, I wish you all the best for your (retirement) future. I bet you will be doing good with what you've achieved over the years. Seems like its been an awesome ride. But things have to end one day, new stuff comes.
Thanks for all that content that has been coming over the years, it is one of a kind and stands out among all the other bullshit uploaded by wannabe gurus and hardsellers ^^ Its been educational and funny at the same time, talking about the videos, the livestream and the chat. As I said, one of a kind.

In case u got that golden boat (which I know you could easily buy cash over the counter), the color sucks man!

Anyways, thanks dude and agood luck. Looking forward to read of you on the twittorz now and then. Greetings from Germany!

idkagoodusernameyet says:

You have balls. I like balls.

Tamshali says:

Oh man, enjoy life, good luck

Tamshali says:

Hey Lakai, sick as always, put this in your next video Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop

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