E-mini SP Live Trade with Atlas Line – How to Enter Long | Managing a Trade

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has been a leader in teaching traders throughout the world on how to day trade the financial markets. This educational trading video uses the eminis to demonstrate a live trade. John Paul, founder of Day Trade To Win uses the E-mini S&P 500 market on a 5 minute chart with the propriety Atlas Line Software now available to all traders in a special room even if you are not using NinjaTrader as your platform. The stops and targets and trade management rules are completely explained during the Live webinar and Support for installation and is always included. 888-607-0008 for more info.


Day Trade to Win says:

Hi West Coast Nate, glad to hear from you, email me if you need anything –  JP

agathalake says:

nice explanation jp.
A Line was extremely clear here to remain bullish.
With proper stops in place this method is unstoppable.
ty for another great video
west coast nate

Giggidygiggidy12 says:

What is the Atlas line calculated off of, what data is it measuring? What is it telling the trader so they can make an informed decision other than saying long above the Atlas and short below it? Thank you

Tha Deka says:

Took same trade,same profit,was a good day

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