E-Trade Baby Loses Everything.

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all credit to the e-trade baby


Brian Kitchens says:

Credit default swaps? LOL
Comedy gold.

agthorn says:

Love it. Why is YouTube taking it down all the time? eTrade objections? Parodies are constitutionally protected free speech so if it is disappearing is only because YouTube is responding to threats from eTrade taking away advertising dollars.

Hobby_Gardener412 says:

Sell, Sell, Sell!!!

saguarojet says:

OMG….the funniest thing I've seen all month. Nice job

DarkRose4 says:

@TheMikentyty I thought it was Jack Black at the beginning lol

Mike McGuire says:

Hilarious! Always liked the e trade commercials too!

Mike Jones says:

Obama will probably pass some bs law making this unconstitutional…smh

The-Mike-N-Tyty says:

I didn't know garfield was voiced by the etrade baby ? 🙂

Eatm308amA says:

If they take this down again I swear I will repost it on my own page. Funneeey as all get out!

cburg4383 says:

This is, without a doubt, the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

DrRussPhd says:

In these cannibalistic economic times, this is perfect!! SCREW the banks before they screw you!! . . 🙂

James Steel says:

Yeah, I fired ETRADE 12 years ago. ET is essentially a failed large bank ripping you off every chance they get.

WilbePat says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Baby just hit the street!

DynamicMentalFitness says:

Your life savings is about a year and a half. Mow some lawns, wash a few cars and get right back on that horse young mister!

DynamicMentalFitness says:

10th. Better late than never.

Lisa Hinson says:

ETRADE Stinks they charge if you don't buy, yes you must buy something every month THEY STINK

Lisa Hinson says:

ETRADE Stinks they charge if you don't buy

azimiut says:

uh 6th. i will start it off. obama did it. with Al gore. both their fault. and the environment. its fault too.

AkronPorBarack says:

Very timely for early August

David Lombardo says:

Two thousand six hundred & seventeenth!

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