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Simple strategy for Forex , Dax , Shares and crytpo. This will show entry exit and profit taking points

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I have over 20 years business & trading experience that has given me a good life and enjoyment through the highs & lows.
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These videos are great way to forex trading for beginners to see day trading in the real world, and help anyone willing to learn Day Trading & Swing Trading
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Roobathasan Sivagnanam says:

Thank you. are there any course you would recommend for learning some decent strategies?

Jayden Semedo says:

Nice One Mate, New Subscriber 👍👌

Mark Robson says:

Watched this video about 50 times and I think I'm starting 2 get the hang of it lol One thing I'm stuck on tho is the stop loss. Am I right in thinking that the trailing stop you'd put in the place would be a percentage of the market price? Also, how would u know where to put the stop? How would u know where you need 2 put it 2 give the charts 'room to breathe' as you mentioned?

Neil T says:

Found this approach consisting of using the slower ma in the Ichimoku which might appeal – you could keep the faster line to get out of trades initiated by the crossing of the slower ( base) ma line.
See the example near the end of the video.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a8oHcG1DUcIgnore the references to his other components in his approach -he states, and I think, the Ichi approach is a standalone to get you going and to learn a bit of discipline ?
I think the narrator is like you Scruffy, no nonsense and wanting to help others.

Fred Archer says:

Thank you once again.

Craft Costanza says:

Cheers Langers

Bakul Mistry says:

Thank you Langers

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