Easy Options Trading Strategy

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Paulo Justiniano says:

Basically you are in and out of the trade in minutes?? I wonder if this would work for someone with an small account? under 5k.

dougow says:

are these call charts or put charts?

ILasiafGames says:

How much money do you make daily/weekly/yearly day trading options? How much money is in your ToS and etrade account? When do you withdraw your gains, weekly? daily? monthly? thanks

Bagus Saputra says:

what platform do you use in this tutorial?

Corporate Algorithm says:


Piotr W says:

What's a waist of time to watch this!

arm239 says:

Can you please tell me how to select a stock for trading this strategy.

arm239 says:

Very good strategy. What about stop loss and profit target?

Joe Munoz 737 says:

Absolutely love the videos, just signed up on your website. Please keep it coming!!!

Levski Petrov says:

If the lines are ultimately based upon volume, can you adjust the lines from the first 15 minutes of the day to whatever the highest volume time increment is? i.e., the highest volume occurs at 11:00 am. Thanks for the video, this is a handy technique!

Jorge Ramirez says:

por favor subtitulo español PLEASE

Emil Pop says:

Hi there I just look this video can enybody tell me what it's the name of this software what he use ?? Thank's a lot.All the best.

Mandy Cengaj says:

Hello, thanks for the video. Can this be used for currency?

Adam Neusbaum says:

When I was new to Options & saw this 1st Candle Hi/Lo price lines strategy & thought "Seriously, how could that be helpful"? Then I somehow gravitated into trying it 2 months later & refuse to start my day without it. I do it on 5 min & enter a small position at open because of the volume levels. This first hi-lo sets the whole days pace for me. Excellent video!

gypsysoul1969 says:

Great video and explanation.  Thanks much for taking the time to make this videos and explaining them in a fashion which anyone can understand.

Paul Gregory says:

great video, thank you so much! I will visit your website!

MrMaier3000 says:

You are a genius 

dinodenier says:

This is very similar to opening range breakout stretegy, right?

xwgpx55 says:

Wasn't the Cisco a double top?

PS, thanks for all your videos. This is Matt P btw from the chat.

Cam24Trader says:

Because my entire strategy is based off Opens and closes. Some may use highs and lows and it may work for them. i just know what works for me.

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