ECB Warns of STOCK MARKET CRASH if Fed Increases Interest Rates!

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The Money GPS says:

In your opinion, can the stock market withstand an increase in interest rates?

Pinky Green says:

NO interest rate increase. Raising int. 0.25% does NOTHING to the stock market. NO ONE is gonna pull out of stocks for 0.25%. LMAO!

Eric Perkins says:

Fed has to raise rates (supposedly), in order to re-lower them once an ‘official’ recession is declared. But I’ve heard (on another channel), that the markets may react violently once they learn the Fed may not raise rates in December, after the opposite expectation. Not sure what to think about this.


Liquidity trap! Deflationary debt theory.

Surud Patel says:

Is ' Velocity of Money ' created through Debt a sustainable / credible way forward. I personally do not think it is.

FDAmusic says:

you say "just printing up currency has not solved anyones problems" think about crypto, its not built , its mined…in the new age its a type of "printing"……bitcoin turned people 10k into millions. but like anything, it will end one day

wayne mcclory says:

The best way is to buy gold and silver coins from your local coin shop.but do it NOW !

FDAmusic says:

i think the stock market has been going up because people keep shorting the indexs and they get squeezed, just like what happened with tesla lol

Edward Pierce says:

damn your voice!! it's like I'm listening to creepypasta!!

Brian Booker says:

Living in the North I have to prep for Winter, condition the Garden ect. so I haven't been writing that many comments. This was a good video, I don't think we are in a bubble because the elites own everything. Why have a downturn so you can have a fire sale when there's nothing to buy. There are changes coming and if we don't get our heads out of the sand we'll be dust in the wind.

Kent Lawson says:


Viking Mike says:

CIBC Bank,
"Look, I can now buy 'stuff' with my phone!"
Or, from Scotia Bank
"Your richer than you think."
And not to forget TD Bank
"We are here to help."

Those bold statements pretty much sums up where 98.7565443% of Canadian's financial mindset is at. [Their] heads are shoved so far up [their] own rectums that they can taste what [they] ate three days ago. Unfortunately for them, when the 'magical-ness' of [their] 'on paper' wealth evaporates right before [their] very eyes, a deep deep denial that stretches far and wide begins to set in. From there, when [their] financial circumstance goes from bad to extremely worse, a violent rage takes a firm grip upon [their] demeanor. Then after that, a long and drawn out state of extreme depression looms for decades as these 'fools' have nowhere to turn but inward upon [their] own self absorbed vacuum and reflect even deeper into [their] empty void of self delusional and created misery. Gun sales will be increasing in Canada very soon, as will the suicide rate. Best to buy into stocks relating to firearms and 'get in' on the rise like a true capitalist would and make some money on that level of social misery. Just like the banks do. After all, "We are here to help." Help themselves that is.

hbk711x says:

so this is like an everything bubble, or a currency bubble?
7:00 again great points, the rich get richer so money velocity decrease shows this.

hbk711x says:

great point at 2:15 about it being a correction and leading to bubble popping situation crisis.
money changer/ usurers bankers are running a sinful ponzy scheme. 5:15 interesting chart.

Chad Lickinstein says:

Set stop loss and u aint gotta worry about it crashing

horrifiedheartlander says:

"A picture says a thousand words." LUV ur charts.

Lady pilliwick says:

The world is dumping the petro-dollar. …so country's don't need to hold the low interest US treasury bonds.. they will be pouring that money into Walstreet. …
The middle class won't see any of this money…it will all go to the elite
Dig in guys. It's going to be bad. A few solar panels may be wize. Silver. Large garden

jimsjoe1 says:

The guy simply doesn't understand what is going on. For over a year international capital flows has been moving into the dollar and dollar based assets mostly US equities especially from Europe as the euro, the EU, most of its banks and countries are insolvent. The ECB has destroyed the traditional banking models there and even the German banks are complaining. W#hen 3 banks went under in Italy and Spain recently the ECB did the worst possible thing, they wiped out shareholders and jr bondholders. One bank one day was valued at 1.7 billion euros and the next day the assets were sold to another struggling bank for 1 euro. This started a domino effect of entities dumping all shares and bonds in other banks making them insolvent. They can no longer use markets to raise capital because of the ECB policies and investors have finally realized the ECB is clueless. Billions of capital has been pouting out of southern Europe to the north especially Germany and then to dollars and US equities. Italy and Spain alone owe over $400 billion each to the Bundesbank and this shows up in the Target 2 settlement mechanism. If that is not bad enough the largest consulting firm on the planet, Armstrong Economics, computer models are forecasting as we move into 2018 both the Monetary and the Sovereign Debt crisis hits there along with the pension crisis. Nothing has been fixed there and capital is simply fleeing and this will accelerate in 2018 and this is when the sit hits the fan. The only thing propping up Europe is the ECB creating 60 billion euros a month out of thin air and buying the toxic assets. They have even bought the kitchen sink. I not making that up as the ECB bought home improvement loans which included kitchen renovations. You can't make this shit up! Armstrong Economics clients are all moving capital out and they also have been in discussions with many government including those in Europe as they all know the collapse there cannot be stopped. They are all preparing and bracing for 2018. Now back in 2011 the models forecast that the Dow would hit 22,000 then 23,000 and then to 38,000 to 42,000 all do to these capital flows. The worst for the Dow is a normal 8% correction before moving higher. Where else are you going to park capital but dollars and equities? A ban k southern Europe? Any bank in Europe for that matter?
Now the ECB is doing the same as the FED and are in panic mode. The ECB is attempting to stop the capital flight out of Europe to the US which is accelerating the collapse hence his statement on "markets are going to crash". The FED has been doing the same attempting to jawbone markets down and trying to weaken the dollar using the banks, Greenspan and Rickards who the later has been everywhere claiming the dollar is doomed and gold is going to $10,000. They even marched out the head of the CME claiming gold should be at $5000. Then an analyst from BoA claimed gold was ready to take off. The Goldman came out ans said gold is a currency and your best hedge with its head saying all markets are overvalued. Then of course they planted the fake news about China allowing the yuan to be fully convertible to gold and backing their new crude futures contract. All fake. Folks do we see a pattern here yet? This shows utter desperation on the FED and the ECB.
Now the computer models are forecasting as this capital flight accelerates this will cause massive dollar strength which is the worse thing for the FED. They are powerless to stop what is happening and will continue to happen!
The net has become full of people posting total nonsense as they simply do have have a clue what causes price movement in markets. All markets are connected and rarely move in isolation. Capital flows moving out of markets, countries and trading blocks cause not only financial collapse but great social change and the toppling of governments. This is what we are seeing in Europe. This is why the FED cannot raise rates as this capital flight has destroyed their plans. This is also why all those who for over a year have been forecasting a dollar and Dow collapse have been wrong and will continue to be wrong.
You came here for the truth and I just gave you the truth! Folks everything above can be verified if they want to take the time to do some research on the net. Some of it is on foreign news sites in Europe and needs to be translated but it is all there. The world have never experienced a trading block as large as the EU to go south so rapidly.
Folks, buckle up.We are going to witness and take the ride of a lifetime!
One other thing concerning real estate. There are some areas of the country that are in bubbles but the majority of the US prices never recovered from the highs before the crisis. Take where I live in Florida, condos where I live peaked at around $240,000 and after the crash when many just walked away because they were all underwater, condos were selling here for $25,000 cash. Prices are up now over 520% which seems like a bubble until you realize market value today is only $130,000. So beware of people on the net giving out numbers because they usually do not reflect the true reality. It depends on where prices were before the crash, how much did they fall and where are prices today.

Mr Screamer says:

Trickle down killed velocity of money. Money doesn't trickle down. It trickles up. That's why rich people have more money. If you give a billionaire another $billion, what will he spend it on? He already has everything he needs. If you gave everyone in the US $1000, they'd spend it clearing debts, new shoes, phones, food … they wouldn't have it long. There would be velocity. But the central banks are afraid it would cause inflation, so they give cash to absolutely everyone except the public. Its only worth something if the public can't have it. And that's what props up the dollar.

freeliving man says:

Please watch the stephen king movie the mist. Heres why, Nephilim is derived from Nephalia, meaning spider. In the bible they talk of giants, but giant what? it never states once that they were men, in fact in one verse (Numbers 13) he states they were (Caleb meaning himself) were seen as grasshoppers. In addition, the Bilderberg Insignia states "weaving spiders come not here" To top it off , there is a channel called JEFF P , go to the videos on 9/20/14 and 10/4/2017 (there are many more as well, but the 9/20/14 is indescribable), this will show you what I am talking about. This is the only warning I will give, everything else is BS. Quit eating meat, quit hurting and lying to each other, we are the UNIVERSE (which means one rythym) we are beings of sound, vibration and resonance, study TESLA, VORTEX THEORY, ELECTRO MAGNETISM, get orgonite, they hate it, I know this 100%. Learn about Morgellons and clean your skin and inside of your body, quit white sugar, we are all infected. Soon the veil will be lifted, JESUS, HORUS, ESAU , DIONSYS or whatever you want to call him is not coming to save you, RELIGION or RE-LIG-ION means to bind again, WAKE UP
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