Economic Collapse Is Coming! China Imminent Attack On Dollar 2019 Stock Market CRASH!

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U.S China trade war is going to be an absolutely catastrophic stock market crash and economic crisis.

President Trump followed through on his threats and hit China with a massive tariff increase.  As you will see below, China immediately pledged to retaliate, and that will lead to economic collapse.  U.S. and Chinese officials will continue to negotiate throughout the day on Friday, but if U.S. officials were optimistic that a deal was imminent the trigger never would have been pulled on these tariffs.  At this point the gap between the negotiating positions of the two sides is still enormous, and that does not seem likely to change.  The Chinese have been taking advantage of the United States for decades, and they wish to continue doing so.  Meanwhile, President Trump and his advisers are absolutely determined to level the playing field.  Unless one of the parties backs down in a major way, there is not going to be a trade agreement and this trade war is about to get very real, and that is extremely bad news for the US dollar and for the global economy.

A full-blown trade war with China could lead to global economic collapse and dollar collapse.  If Trump understood how bad things could potentially get, he probably never would have gone down this road, because it is going to be exceedingly difficult to get re-elected if the economy tanks.
I think that a little review of what happened during our last trade war will help us get a little perspective on what could be ahead. On June 17th, 1930 President Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley Act which imposed tariffs on more than 20,000 imported goods.
This coincided with the worst economic dcollapse of the 20th century.  U.S. GDP declined 8.5 percent in 1930, 6.4 percent in 1931 and 12.9 percent in 1932.
On June 12th, 1934 President Roosevelt signed the Reciprocal Tariff Act which essentially ended the trade war. So what happened?
The U.S. economy grew 10.8 percent in 1934, 8.9 percent in 1935 and 12.9 percent in 1936.

Today, the global economy is far more interconnected than it was in the 1930s, and so the impact of a global trade war could potentially be a much greater economic collapse and stock market crash.

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Riff chanel says:

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King Of Knowledge says:

whats wrong with this reporter, disgusting

Danny Q NGUYEN says:

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amindamok says:

Information on this channel can not be trusted and is likely owned by a foreign entity. Consume the information from this channel though the lens scrutiny.

Ben Baxter says:


張建華 says:

false claims, wrong numbers…misleading and lying people


i m waiting from a long time for something big to happen, but the eunuchs in govts, armed forces/terrorist groups & banks r very good at disappointing. world is asking for relief but they r unable to deliver it in any form….just making money for getting their manliness back through some kind of uber expensive medical procedure promised by some mad futurist.

ba sook says:

I am guessing China will cash in US debt, and turn it into gold. Saudis will change the currency into gold

outlaw law says:

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Calvin Lee says:

First of all….his voice is too low to record this video.

His content was very biased and should be disqualified here as there are many aspects to look at when he mentioned unfairness.

TheEtbetween says:

This is so dumb! If America only charges 2.5% on cars then you could just equal the tariff on cars. Or companies could just sell there products to other countries, except China. It's amazing how our government is fighting so hard for companies, they even paying them billions of dollars (farmers), to help them offset there losts to this trade war.

Chin Feng says:

Don't buy Chinese goods enough China will collapse same India must follow with USA

gengar hide-self says:

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thekeyboard warrior says:

on d other hand, u should reinvent another word for… collapse & confirm.
this is like a cut & paste story year after year after year after year.

thekeyboard warrior says:

Thurman will collapse once manny hit him. confirm.

Bull Sh says:

By the comments, it appears most viewers DO NOT believe an economic collapse can or will happen….ever. 😒

Sudendu Gupte says:

Ha ha will have wake up smell the real air and stop living a dream as their mfg to stop and then it will stand still very soon.

Ben G says:

If that happens Congress will delete the national debt making World War 3 all but certain. Even if they do not, the world food sully will be severely compromised, which also means WW3 even though it would take longer.


asianthor says:

It's funny how all these pundats acuse China not playing fair against the USA, but the fail to mentioned how the USA, England and the rest of the Western world had China underfoot in the 19th century, and now it was economically raped and had Hong Kong, and Taiwan taken from them. And now that China is rising, and asserting itself as a major economic player, the USA is not happy about it. China just wants what it was denied by the Western world.

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