Economic Collapse Is Happening Now! Stock Market CRASH, Dollar Collapse Before 2017

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Jason Cecchettini says:

By the way, I unsubscribed due to the click baiting. I have better things to do and better vids to watch…. See ya…

Mitch Goodfellow says:

To all the Cassandras of gloom and doom:
For as long as the USD is backed-up by the 82nd and 101 US airborne, the Navy, 3rd and seventh Cav, ICBM stockpiles, NSA , CIA, Special Ops…Sleep well, the economy will be just fine…

Franco Alvarez says:

I'm sure unemployment rates don't take new homeless people into consideration, those that simply lost hope..

mk mason says:

I hate when morons steal others hard work. You're a jerk!

Felipe Angeles says:

Stop adding fuel to the fire. ..Collapse will come but not next week. .. There are jobs but you have to look. .

Misty Jenkins says:

I think the things in this video are correctly observed. However, how the housing market is staying positive is by foriegn investment in US realestate. Such as the Chinese unloading US dollars by buying houses with all cash. I read an article about it and asked a real estate friend and she said yes it is happening.

darryl lecours says:

no collapse eminent…change your titles

Jason Cecchettini says:

How will you maintain any credibility when we get into January and certainly February with no economic collapse? While I believe a collapse will happen within the next 2 to 20 years, I would never stake my reputation on it by predicting a specific time frame, especially a one week period. Credibility is everything on YouTube, ya know.

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