EMA 3, 7, 9, 200 – Live Trading !!! Binary Options Strategy | IQ OPTION 2017

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All about Trading in Forex Marked
EMA 3, 7, 9, 200 – Live Trading !!! Binary Options Strategy | IQ OPTION 2017
Live Trading by Katie.
This 4 MA strategy is very powerfull and accurate for trading.
Its a good idea to martingale in the trading marked, but
avoide martingaling in the choppy and flat matked.

IQ OPTION 2017 : How to make money on IQ Options.
Tips for beginners to work and make money on binary options. These rules of iq option strategy 2017 will tell you how to make money on iq option and will be enough for you. Now we shall return to earnings on iq options. What to start with and how to become a successful player in the binary options market and how to make money? Michael shared with us a few simple tips of iq option strategy 2017. If you want to repeat his success here two important tips of iq options strategy 2017:
It is better to set up the transaction time for more than 1 minute, because in my experience it is easier to guess the direction of the graph. But if you want to learn to work on binary options faster, sometimes you can take a chance and play on turbo options (one minute).
And of course do not be afraid of failure, the main thing is not to stop. Learn basic strategies of betting on binary options. Watch the video tutorials.

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Sf Sovereign says:

hi there
am losing so much
try your all strategy but didn't work help me
like your​ all strategy and off course your videos…

KING Kamal says:

Hi there visite my channel to see good stuff about trading bins

usman raja says:

You are Fantastic..I just love your videos..U are very excellent trader..May god Bless you more..

Tiya Hosiry says:

Hi! u're amazing. i have a question, how can i change from multiplier to timeframe? i've tried but didn't know how? 🙁

Giovanni Formica says:

hi Katie, did you withdrawal some money already?

Azhar Chaudhary says:

katie sister hy
plz help me

fritz Nachnahme says:

Ist das Seriös wenn ich 10% fee auf Kryptowährungen habe ? Kommt schon Leute, lasst euch nicht verarschen und vergleicht die Fees wenn ihr Krypto traden wollt.

Is this serious if I have 10% fee on cryptocurrencies? Come on people, do not be fooled and compare the Fees if you want to trade crypto.

Suranjith Nishalaka says:

wow! awesome .. 😉 i will follow our all strategy.

Big Bang says:

Lovely thank you

Cleverson Ferreira says:

I do not speak English, I got some of the strategic combination. I got good results, even though I did not feel 10% confidence. I was not able to understand the role of the JRC. I understood that the OS when cruising below is for buying and cruising up is for sale, just the RSI and the BB I did not get to understand. Thank you very much for the excellent strategy.

nicin slobodan says:

People doesn't know how profitable it is when trading binary options for months I have been able to practice with Mrs Catherine who have help me master the strategy on how to win consistently now I can trade on my own withdrawing successfully to my bank account !thanks a lot Catherine


how can i verify my account?? is it necessary


hhey!! its really working

android hacker says:

Hello i am mohamed from egypt
I want u plz to help to stat win in iq options
If i had you whats app .i would be thankfull

Mohammed Ismail says:

Isn't it Fake!

الشــمري says:

You are a creative ???

PETER YU says:

How much is the transaction fee?

Ashwin Patel says:

It's not work….??

Klif Vegeta says:

I Will contact you if profit from your strategy

Klif Vegeta says:

hi I love you . Marry me! i am from indonesia.

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