Emerging Market SELL OFF Continues! China Stock Market Falls To 4 Year Low! Turkey Bailout Coming!

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The Money GPS says:

Why do you think the EMERGING MARKETS are suffering today?

wayne mcclory says:

I record the asian and European markets on Bloomberg to watch in the morning and let me tell you ( they are a big mess) what we have is a Global meltdown and it will hit the US market soon ! I wold be surprised if we make it till the November elections. But most importantly we need to help President Trump so he can help America. Remember all this was destined to happen because of all the previous corrupt politicians !

Deere 850 k says:

I hope it last until next Monday that when I start my new job.

Baruch Spinosa says:

Brazilian stocks are up today

jackgoldman1 says:

China has stolen America products blind. Yes they have cheap labor, big deal. China is eating America's lunch. We have to do tariffs to get even. Massive copyright violations. China is a rogue nation who needs to be corrected.

Item69 says:

I hope Chinese investors sell off their real estate assets here (AU) and help drive down house prices.

CreativeVUZE says:

One thing Warren buffet taught me is to be bullish when the streets are bleeding red. It's hard becauseit looks like you're investing into trash but that's where you get your biggest gains.

roy hobbs says:

Shanghai Index shows lower highs and lower lows. Thus, chart looks terrible. Prediction: Shanghai Index going lower.
Turkey is moving nonperforming loans into one bank. This amounts to rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

Duane Yazie says:


Hum Tum says:

The u.s chose to support china and Pakistan.. Pakistan broke beyond shyt. china is next by 2020 china will be just as broke as Pakistan, india, brazil, Russia, and south Africa+ vietnam, bangladesh, indonesia, thailand, cambodia. The Donald Triumphs!!

Scott Collom says:

The American people are going to pay for Turkeys bail out…this is by design.

robert will says:

Jeff Becks 1st solo album was Truth. I went there for the truth

Antonio Vistcoatis says:

Yes the Financial Industry is full of BS jargon. More importantly that nonsense business speak crap that is meaningless but sounds "important". Working in the industry I hate it when people throw that crap around to sound smart and try to be confusing since they know they know nothing and are saying nothing. You are right it is defiantly another bail out! again!

Trump Baby ! Vanquish our enemies says:

China can swirl down the drain for all I care. They are undermining our country by buying corrupt politicians, bought the major movie studios peddling their propaganda, indoctrination in our schooling . Trump crush these skumb.

Peter D says:

Lol money gps, when you started spelling out BAIL OUT I had a wheel of fortune flash back.
Can I buy a vowel?

Mark Fischer says:

This is the calm before the storm. You will realize that when the bottom falls out of ALL of these economies. China is the biggest economic fraud in human history. Now that it can't rely on the US to prop it up it is going to collapse. The best thing the US can do to its enemies and fake friend like Britain, Germany, and Canada when the are drowning is to throw them each an anchor. Wanna see them all go down at once? Have the FED raise interest rates 2 percent in one shot by surprise. That will be the end of 75 percent of them with the rest hanging on for dear life.

We created Europe after WWII. We created China after Nixon and Kissinger visit. They hate us and only pretend to like us when they want something or are in trouble. We know who we are. We are the wretched refuse and their decedents. They hated us then for who we were and they hate us now. Let's give all of them a very good reason by what we do to them. The Italians say revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold.

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

This should be happening to USA. Stock valuations 4-10X overpriced. 4X overpriced per historical measures for an economy in the toilet for large and mid-caps and 8-10X overpriced for small caps. Look at the Russell 2000 PE well beyond 100! CORRUPTION!

Gmgl1981 says:

Is it possible there could be bail in, in Turkey?

Jeff Lombardi says:

Everyone always says the place to be is foreign stocks. They have underperformed for decades.

Garry Croft says:

Parcel all this bad stock and sell it as a derivative. Oh wait a minute we have already done that. Ha-ha.

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