Emini S&P 500 Day Trading Futures Trading with RSKsys "NEW CHARTS"

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RSKsys Intl is committed to the ongoing development of consistently profitable Emini trading systems and strategies for the S&P Futures commonly called the Spoos. Our accomplishments thus far have been nothing short of remarkable. This site will give you a glimpse into one of the most robust S&P trading systems to be found anywhere at any price.

Our E-Mini S&P 500 Day Trading Futures Strategy and Video Training Course addresses more than just price action and volume. We track the ES with as much as 6 different studies including the MACD, Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO), Adaptive Price Zone (APZ), Bollinger Bands, %R and Linear Regression.

Our proprietary method for calculating the MACD trend allows us pinpoint accuracy on trend changes even on Tick Bar Intervals as much as 440,000 tick bars. We can identify on a 25 Tick Bar chart the moment trend changes happen allowing us the ability to enter trades with as little as a .75 stop.

We teach our traders how to identify divergence on market internals including the Advance Decline of the S&P 500 ($ADSPD), divergence on the Trin, Vix as well as $Tick. By keeping a close eye on the premium (PREM) we are able to identify when institutional trading may change market direction as well as how program trading may affect the market. Our traders learn how to identify the pattern of the day and know when to anticipate the best market exits, while using our Group Reversal system to enter trades and maximize them. We keep track of all gaps in all market indicators and use them as a basis for understand where major pivots in the market may take place. Trading with our group reversal system takes significant guesswork out of trade decisions.


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