Emini SP Morning Comeback +$4,700 | Steve's Futures Pulse 141

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In this episode, Steve Dahl provides a live recording from inside the Futures Trading Chatroom during the morning S&P surge back toward 2900 and how he managed a 12-lot long position from 2984.50 with multiple profit exits and trailing stops to capture $4700 on the trade. Trader Steve provides excellent lessons and insights along the way and worth the full viewing (even though a bit longer). Enjoy!

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Gustavo Pares says:

What software are you using????

Fernando Andrade says:

Fibo retracement 38% 50%????????????

Robert Sanford says:

How do I get the taz box indicator?

Rose BPOS says:

Could you tell us which Paper Trading Program is best? Is there one available on steam? Haha. I have Think or Swim, is that a good one?

hypnosiscenter nyc says:

Congrats Steve. Great commentary. Felt like I was at a trading horse race:)

Francois Brand Van Zyl says:

Thank you for sharing Steve! Great examples, keep up the good work!

Roger Rogers says:

open high low on your charts, that's the truth

Paramount Trading says:

Great work! Keep it going!

Doug Kenline says:

follow the yellow arrow….

ben el says:

I really enjoyed Thanks Steve

JOLT says:

I have learn you really don't need to know how to trade, but how to lose. Learn how to lose and you will always win. Look closely at these videos and you will see he knows how to cut a loss and how to let his winners run.

bass man says:

666 in the thumbnail huh

chahalpawanpreet says:

Hi, Steve. Irregardless of your profit or loss, I really like your strategy of using short-term volume profiles as levels to place trades off of. I've been attempting to implement this sort of strategy in own trading regiment. Keep at it! You're a great teacher.

Egor Petrov says:

The 1st is gay…. its not my rules just saying

Green Forex Academy says:

Hey Steve! Congratulations, keep moving forward

vortics :YT says:

jeez 4700$ dam thats alot of money ?

Hamada Ghanem says:

Liverpool Comeback ?❤?

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