Emini S&P Trading Secret $1,140 Code 3 Profit

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Emini S&P Trading Secret $1,140 Code 3 Profit

Greetings code traders! Before the holiday really kick into gear and the markets really slow down I wanted to get in a day of using the Code 3 just as a short introduction to Code 3. Today was my first day of trading/demonstrating Code 3. Next year on January 7th is when I’ll be back to trade Code 3, until then the markets are pretty much going to trade in a tight range. It’s possible they could breakout over the holidays but it’s not worth betting on. Next year from January to June is the best time of the year for trading the futures, so we’re heading now for the best time to trade starting in January. So I’ll see all of you next year and I hope you have a nice New Years. See you on January 7th 2019.

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