Emini S&P Trading Secret Making A Fortune Trading The Markets

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I have finally done it, I’ve finally come up with the ultimate trading system. I’m now at the level where I can tell which direction any financial instrument will go on a much larger level, up to a 2,000 tick trade. I also know other trades that are good for less ticks but that will come often. I apologize for this video as I had to cut out a large portion of it due to my error in not turning on the mic at times and thus you’ve missed a great deal of what happened. I won every trade but broke even on CL. I won on the EUR/USD, YM, MLM, Call Option YM and HSI.

YM Trade $4,000
HSI Trade $5,200
YM Option $800
YM #2 $2,000
MLM $400
EUR/USD $250
CL $35

Account started at 284,000 and now account is sitting at 296,000.

I’ll be more careful in the future to record each video properly so I can document my trading success for those who are looking for something truly special to become apart of. Welcome to a whole new world of trading the markets. I’m now offer trading signals to the public to take advantage of my new systems. If you’re interested you can subscribe to my signals or my trading room here: http://eminisptradingsecret.com/purchase.htm


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