Ep. 10: Tom Basso Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

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Michael Covel interviews Thomas H. Basso, a trader who was called “Mr. Serenity” when he was profiled in Jack Schwager’s “New Market Wizards”. Basso was a stock and commodities trader who was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management. He is the author of two books, “Panic-Proof Investing” and “The Frustrated Investor”. Basso became a registered investment advisor in 1980, a registered commodities advisor in 1984, and was elected to the board of the National Futures Association in 1998. Although he is now retired, there’s no half-life for experience in the trend trading world, and Basso has a wealth of knowledge that is relevant to today’s trader. Covel talks to Basso about the psychology behind his trading; how he kept his – and his clients’ – emotions in check; and how being an entrepreneur can make you think differently. Basso also discusses his beginnings – buying his first mutual funds at age 12 – and how he moved from a chemical engineering position to his career as a trader and money manager. Further topics include how trading for clients can be different than trading for yourself, and the importance of concentrating on process vs. outcome. Enjoy! Special Offer: receive free DVD delivered to your home or office: www.trendfollowing.com/win.


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