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Robert J. duPreez says:

Holy cow! 7 hours. I must have missed a great show. Keep on Sal. Enjoy your life no matter what you do.

trkoby says:

Man if you go to TV and neglect your internet fan base, you are going to face some serious backlash and shade is gonna be thrown your way bro. You better rethink your future because your boy Tim Sykes is still uploading videos on YouTube to help his small guys here for free. Don't think we aren't worth helping.

trkoby says:

Whoa dude 7 hours is a bit long.

X Pozay says:

dude killing me with the Colt 45. lol

Michael Greer says:

Man, that new intro is Official!! This is my video on my Bankruptcy Stock screening: https://youtu.be/dykzjnnF-ew Be sure to check it out. Enjoy the weekend bruh, and let's get this money!

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