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Trading Penny Stocks isnt easy. But learn it can be done. In 2012, I was basically homeless. Bouncing from sofa to sofa trying to find a job on wall street as a municipal bond trader. The idea of helping the cities all across America raise the money they need to become the great cities of tomorrow fascinated me. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that because I didnt graduate from a Top 5 School there was no chance I was going to break through. Then I found out about trading penny stocks after watching videos from Tim Sykes about trading penny stocks. You really cant call it investing because most of these companies will go bankrupt. I became addicted and

Success for me came quickly and I realized that I could use my natural selling talent to also build my own clientele of companies seeking to introduce themselves to investors all around the world. Investors Marketing Group was born. I now have access to over 10,000 people who truly love penny stocks. Together find the biggest gainers!


MrQmason says:

Support and Resistance is a very GOOD way to make money with stocks…… good stuff Sal.

Ali Kaja says:

Hi Sal, nice to meet you, i follow your show delayed from Italy, since one month more or less, and i think you are a very bravo and all of argomentations are very interesting. I would like follow your live show, please let me know what can i do. Thank you so much and compliments again.
Ali Kaja

DAV URGE says:

im a complete noob. I cant find srna on marketbeat…

king hef says:

is there any other platforms where I can paper trade? besides ThinkorSwim??

Power Surge says:

How do we join your email list?

Power Surge says:

I screwed up Friday by being on the sidelines for the mj plays

Adam Birgenheier says:

Sal I am going to be so disappointed if you're still against AMRS…

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