Ep 76 Weed Penny Stocks Bounce On Clinton News

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CALI 817 says:

what's goin on Sal, haven't heard from you since Donald Trump took over

Morgan Harris says:

what do yall think about CNBX?

Stock Skilla says:

AGEN short cover last 4 days

3 hooks says:

Sal, you called it! You said you'd reach 10,000 subs before the end of the year and you did it! You mad close! LOL! Congrats, dude! Catch you on the show tonight.

Joseph Barnaba says:

I been looking into terra tech and mass roots. Have u heard about these companies? If not man I still appreciate the knowledge u give! I'm a beginner when it comes to this. But I'm learning thanks to u bro! Salute!!!

Bask D says:

my brother from a black man to another, we both want to be rich and i can give a shit if you a promoter. i watch the wolf of wall street and id the dumb enough to put they money into shit than thatd on them, u not calling people and asking them to promote shit but just show me the way to make 100000 a year. i dont give a fuck i will help u send out tweets to promote some shit and if people dumb enough to stay in that trade for to long than thats on them. i like to call it the dumb person. if we all fucking the same girl and if you decide to keep fucking her and nut in her and we decide to pull out thats on you , thats a pump and dump quote

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