Ep 78: Your FOCUS When Trading Stocks in the Stock Market

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Your FOCUS When Trading Stocks in the Stock Market

In this episode, I’d like to really concentrate on what your focus should be when trading. What should be your focus when you get in the trade, what should be your focus when you’re choosing a stock. What should be your focus when you are in it, when you’re actually in the position. What should be your focus when you get out of the trade.

Many traders focus on the wrong thing
I find that many traders, especially at the beginning, they focus on the wrong thing, when they’re getting in the trade, when they are in the trade, when they’re getting out of the trade, or taking profits, or exiting that trade.

The focus is incorrect. And when the focus is incorrect, you get different results. You get results that are unexpected or results that you really don’t want, and it’s a simple thing that your focus is wrong.

Just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean It’s easy to change that focus. Sometimes it is because all you need to do is just be aware of “wow, my focus is in the wrong spot, I need to change my focus, I need to point it in another direction”.

For those of you that are lucky enough that are able to just shift from one side of the focus and focus to another direction and everything seems to work out great then, by all means this will be a great lesson for you to see that awareness.

For other people maybe you see and understand that that’s where should be your focus, but there’s going to be a lot of learning that still goes with it. There’s going to be a lot of homework you have to do, there’s going to be a lot of studying that you have to do. So some things that you have to push yourself to see thing a little bit differently to get outside of your box, as they say, or get outside of yourself and see yourself from that third person perspective, the observing ego also known as.

If you can see yourself from that outside point of view, then that will be a good thing. But for many people, it is difficult.

What I want to do is shed some light about your focus, maybe by learning this and learning about the focus muscle, where it should be pointed to in trading, it might help you see things a little bit clearer, and that way you might be able to get the appropriate steps to continue deepening the learning from here.

Starting the race at the right point
This is just a starting point to get you to the right starting line, rather than getting you to the wrong starting line. So if you have a long bunch of starting points in a race and you don’t show up to the wrong place to run the race.

Instead, let’s just get you started in the right approach, in the right place, and then you can do the homework to continue running the race and continue finishing the race.

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jamateuss says:

Excellent Lesson! In every video… I see you have such a great clarity in your concepts… Many things you have said I have heard them before… But somehow… I get to assimilate them and comprehend them more effectively when you said them! Like for example (Of several)… Being Patient ( Right Set ups, delaying gratifications in my case.. and up to some point so far)… Has been one of my little great achievements in this year!

Olivier Dubois says:

Amazing Analysis ! just a question, does focusing, on the right thing ( Risk, Money managment, and strategy ) helps to not let our emotions in the way and take trade on impulse. ?


This guy is the absolute best!! Been watching and studying his videos for a long time and have learned so much from him. Still very much a noob with a long way to go and so much more to learn but Been trading for 3 months now and picked some pretty good winners (DLTR, NTDOY) as of late. The 1/2 rule is so smart and really does curb a ton of risk when it comes to market corrections/fluctuations. Keep up the great work Sasha:)

SuperVillian SVWorld (Vagues) says:

great perspective

Bisaya Binary Trader says:

thanks for this great video Sasha im a beginner in trading stocks but with the information i got from watching ur videos it really helps alot.

Kosovo Report says:

Hahaha what you were describing at the beginning was me when I started. I only focused on earning lots of money. Fortunately I learned through loses preservation of capital is the number one priority. With all he said about risk management and the like.

Sasha you may have a laugh if you saw my trading system. I trade support and resistance, usually looking for reversals. I decided to spice things up as it were by using funny icons like penguins or smiley faces. I use them to mark stop losses and targets. As well as plans of action, for which ever way the trade goes. I did that after watching a video where you explained stock charts like a story or movie. I make up the most ridiculous stories with my markings. Great addition this year with the drawings while you talk.

Scarpie Parpie says:

paper money on thinkorswim

PotatoPrime PrimePotato says:

Where can I get the trading software that u use

If You Learn Teach Ron says:

That was me and I can't tell you how much I have lost. Thanks!!

Elle Fontographer says:

Thanks for pull me back on the road.

Gaziath says:

Hello, Sasha.

Firstly, thank you and your understanding of our lack of understanding. Great work! I am English, if I trade the UK stock market I think I avoid the PDT rule, however, if I trade the US market, I assume I will be subject to the rule. Do you know of any ways other than opening multiple accounts to work around this? Or certain brokers?

Thank you.

Kris Opala says:

Well said! Managing risk within your needs and living below your means is a pretty good way to build a personal empire.


Great work!!!
Best wishes to u- sushant frm India

Petre Veluda says:

"Focus and Simplicity" . Another great video. Focus on the right thing is critical indeed and it's often very hard to spot that in what we are doing so thanks for sharing this advice ;)!

sam bar says:

Can you please make a video about Growing account, and how fast it could be especially for Small account in case of Swing Trading… ??

sam bar says:

One of the best informative videos.. Sasha, you are the best … I'm watching you every single day…. I almost watched all your channel videos here on youtube more than 2 times.
Keep going Sasha… .Thank you for your useful information…

Arun Suri says:

Great Video! Indeed this is a business of money and risk management. Took me years to figure this out.

123bigred says:

Very informative. This will help me in the resturant business as well as daytrading…so all around great vidoe!

General Vergel says:

9:40 ur welcome

MaxTalk says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU ALL HELPFULL VIDEOS Also i have a question…. Can you buy and sell the same stock more once a day (buy,sell)

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