Ep 80 Shipping Penny Stocks Collapse

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mim2c88 says:

Hey sal. I've been studying for a few years now and I've been following you since the beginning. I was pissed when you went mia from YouTube a year and a half ago or so. I've learned a lot from you. Would you mind sending me those free dvd's links or books anything that you can spare. Marcus from Memphis Tn. Thanks man a lot man.

GeeZ419 says:

This was a great video! i subbed.

Bryant Edwards says:

Hey Sal,
I'm just turning my attention towards OTC'S, I have no experience. I'm a sponge, I've been catching up on the shows but it's so advanced. can you help me with a good and strong starting point, I wanna gain a chance in this race man… please get at me soon bro, I'm know I have to put in work and I will.
can you help?
Bryant from California, thanks Sal.

Beezy Talking Shit says:

The FEDEX one? I thought it went up big the other day. That bitch crashed already lol? I know niggas lose their homes and everything.

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