Ep 95: Does Technical Analysis Work When Trading Stocks & Why?

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Ep 95: Does Technical Analysis Work When Trading Stocks & Why?

In this week’s episode I ask the question of does technical analysis actually work? And why does it work?

For some of you who are a little more skeptical about technical analysis or are just getting into technical analysis, I want to share with you the concept of technical analysis and why it really kind of works out in the favor or the trade or in the favor of the stock movements and the way that they move.

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Plat Crab (Mike) says:

this is easily the best explanation ive seen for any of this. as someone new to stocks this is actually easy to follow and not full of lingo. god bless

Vaibhav Shah says:

Nice video. But can you show technical analysis with few examples. Showing few charts?

PistachioMan says:

Your face looks bigger since your videos 2 years ago. I see you eating good man $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

jdssurf says:

you say and show the minute they start selling and the volume of sellers is higher and the support breaks below the support line, are you mainly just lokking at the red volume growing, its growing and showing bigger blocks than the green right, so you just watch the volume more? Sorry just trying to see the details and be able to strike faster. Would love your thought on that, plus, not that I can do it right now, but what class or dvd do you have that hits mostly on this?

gazza363 says:

For some reason im not getting the news letter and stock picks in my email. I signed up a while ago.

gazza363 says:

I love the videos as always Sasha, (love the way you can write backwards too)

Ryan Riddick says:

Thank you for turning all the noise and confusion of the stock market into an understandable language. You have made it alot easier for myself and others I'm sure, to enter into it and actually know what we're doing. Hats off to you sir.

Mike haggerty says:

Amazing… everything just clicked into place!

KarajSingh Jatana says:

You Are Amazing Bro Very Help Full…..

Felix Li says:

I don't know how to thank you! The video is simply too great!

Gabriel Hernandez says:

when you look at a stock how do you know how many share are available to the public?

Amine Fasih says:

thank you for the good explanation

Abdo goldjunge says:

Why not just use both ? If TA is the response to every question, why pro traders in investment banks and big hedge funds dont use it exclusively ? 90 % of day traders lose because they try to buy and sell an asset that doesnt move everyday and to beat market markers and investment banks using basic TA and technics of level 2 … if was that easy we should all be millionaires …. if there is 2 or 3 big banks wanting to sell a currency, it doesnt matter if you have all the bullish patterns and tech indicators pointing to buy, they can drop the price … we should take TA for what it is , a good timing mechanism not a source of ideas, making dumb reactionary traders offering every time the liquidity for pro get out !

Mohit Sharma says:

that was an excellent example for crowd behavior. I really like how you explain the complicated things with adequate simplicity. Thank you for that, you have really helped a lot in my studies.

PS: If possible, can you please explain the option greeks as you do it simply?

30 Below says:

so what about fundamentals, do they play any roll when dealing with swing trading?

Omar Nasr says:

Excellent explanation, thanks!

c24vkrayzie says:

You give very good analogies on trading. It makes it easier to understand. Thanks for your videos and you are doing great work.

Jetson Nitya gospel says:

Great video 🙂 Thanks Sasha

Emmanuel Tiburcio says:

Thank you✌?️

katekolamin says:

Sasha you are doing a great job. Your videos length are fine for me.I'm doubling the speed of the video.i can understand all the words.i have a request.can you make a video about the oportunities and possiblities of overseas people who wants to trade in us stocks?sorry for my bad english:)

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