erisa act and the coming stock market crash – massive wave of sellers to hit the market

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In today’s video, Casey Kepley of reports on the reason why baby boomers are mandated by law to sell their retirement savings over the next 15 years, causing a stock market crash of epic proportions.

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lap aturtle says:

The demographics appear to point in that direction. With the millennial generation boggled down by student debt, and the baby-boomers being required to take minimum distribution payments, who is going to be buying these assets over the next 15 years?

Although I agree with your assessment, I perceive asset price deflation being the outcome. Perhaps we will see the collapse of some fairly "reputable" mutual funds? Money managers should start seeking other lines of employment!

Either way, there is going to be a great buying opportunity for people who are in the position to do so. High yielding stocks of what will be undervalued companies and an option to play against the market of what may be one of the biggest declines in the stock market.

Odd, that there is so few people who are talking about this.

Thomas H says:

great video

CryptoKnight10 says:


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