Essential Penny Stock Trading Terms You MUST Know

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0:05 Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor, and trader here in South Africa. Just took a little helicopter ride this morning, got some gear, because I want to be your instructor. You know, I’m a glorified driving instructor. Whether it’s helicopters, or cars, to the stock market, okay?

0:20 I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been around. And now I want you to understand the rules of the game because most traders lose money. Most investors don’t make very much. Several of my top students and I have turned a few thousand dollars into a few million dollars in just a few years. Which most people think is impossible. It’s not impossible. It’s improbable, and you need to know the basics to get good.

0:45 So, I’m answering your questions. A lot of people ask me what are some basic penny stock trading terms. Let’s start off with the word penny stock.

1:00 Penny stocks are stocks traded under five dollars a share. Some people say under two dollars a share, under one dollar a share, these are basically like long shots. This is not like Amazon or Intel or Bank of America. These are not big companies. These are very speculative companies, and if you’ve seen the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, there’s a lot of scams. They might have one or two products. They might have a little revenue, or sometimes no revenue, just dreams. That is what I trade. This is what I specialize in. I didn’t ask to specialize in this; I’ve just always made a lot more money in penny stocks.

1:35 You should learn the penny stock trading terms going long or going short. Going long means that you can bet on stocks going higher, you’re going long. Going short means you can bet on stocks going lower. Now, this is very applicable to penny stocks, because most penny stocks fail. A lot of these scams crash and burn, so you can make money when they drop. You go short. Have you ever heard the phrase don’t sell yourself short? You know, don’t underestimate yourself.

3:13 There’s also a thing called a breakdown when a stock breaks below the previous lows. Every single day these stocks are moving, and they’re creating little charts based on the high of the day, based on the low of the day. These are another terms. There are so many terms for you to know. If you want to see the basics, I encourage you to watch my penny stocking guide, which is six hours, it goes over a lot of these terms, and my 35-hour how to make millions guide if you go to It has everything.

4:20 These are some very, very simple basic penny stock trading terms. Going long, going short, penny stocks, breakouts, breakdowns, short-term, long-term. Breakout, breakdown, I think I already said that. I don’t know, there’s so much to see, so much to talk about.

4:35 You need to treat this as a marathon, okay? To make millions of dollars, you’re not going to do it day one or week one or even month one, probably not even in year one. You need to have a long-term mindset. Not necessarily holding these stocks for long-term, by getting educated.

5:12 No days off, study hard. And I’m saying study the past. I have a pretty massive educational library of video lessons, DVDs, webinars, blog posts, watch lists, real-time commentary, trade alerts. You have to learn kind of where the best angles are for you, and we’re all different, so. I can teach you what I’ve learned the hard way over the past two decades, but you have to make the stock market work for you.

5:35 If you understand this video lesson, leave a comment just under this video saying, “I will be dedicated.” I’m not in need of more students. I have a ton of students. I need dedicated students. So only leave a comment on this video if you will be dedicated and say I will be dedicated then back that up every, single day.

5:55 Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there. And also click Subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student!


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