Ethereum Price Action Analysis | Buy or Hold or Sell?

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Looking at ETH ethereum market sell off. Is this the time to buy or hold or sell? Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the best currencys to trade. I look at the impact of ICOs, the demand for ETH tokens and also the state of the crypto market. Ethereum is selling hard, but it presents an opportunity to pick some up at a cheap price.

I look at the technical and also the fundamentals. What are the price targets for ETH

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Martin Max King says:

Thx for great video. BTW Where can I find this market share comparison chart?


Good discussion on Ethereum

Brent Simpson says:

LTC is going to takeover BTC, Fuck ETH this is the REAL #Flippining #Charlielee #LTC

Crypto73 says:

hold your ether!!!! will be $1000 or more by the end of 2017…..don't be a freak , this is unstoppable……

gordaeno charliszo says:

I would suggest all investor in ethereum to hold. i heard the price for ethereum will be high as $1500

Catherine B says:

This is the very reason why ETH is stuck below 400$ It seem like a good chuck of people are selling when ETH hits at or close to $400. I am extremely frustrated by this reaction by individuals in the market. Instead of being individualistic and looking out for you, believe in the technology and what the currency can go. The price will go up, in my opinion if people who are invested will just be patient.

Aliensyntax says:

What do you think the ICOs are exactly? They're smart contracts… Saying Ethereum's growth is not about the smart contracts is to completely miss the point. The interest in the ICOs is driven by decentralized programmatic value creation. No other platform has the critical mass to do this currently. You don't get decentralized programmatic value creation without the smart contracts.

ERC-20 token-management contracts are the key ingredient in ICO token-creation contracts. You don't get one without the other. The value these tokens represent is highly dependent on the underlying decentralized business model. It's the potential demand for the token within that model that drives the network effect and value of the token. What do you think that model is based on? It's based on smart contracts, decentralized apps, and web3 infrastructure. This is what people are actually investing in: not the tokens themselves. The tokens are merely claims upon the potential financial return of these new protocols and architectures.

Aliensyntax says:

Nobody is going to care or use the private Ethereum networks. This is the internet versus the intranets all over again. The EEA has stressed on repeated occasions that they will be investigating and developing hybrid architectures to bridge the public and private chains. This is an inevitability, people. Public and private networks will have to interoperate as there's no way for private networks to capture the value created by the public network. Private chains have no network effect without the public chain.

Agartha Cryptrue says:

It's going to drop.
Buy bitcoin only.
Or learn the hard way.. you have a lot of fake news. Just trust me.

Agartha Cryptrue says:

It's going to drop.
Buy bitcoin only.
Or learn the hard way.. you have a lot of fake news. Just trust me.

Justin guindo says:

Do you think using cloud mining for ethereum via Hashflare is wise ?

Andy Hussong says:

Thanks for the suggestions. A question about the chart you're using… I got the account setup, but I'm not seeing the same indicators on the bottom of my graph (the green/pink lines, the pink shaded area, etc.), and just wondered if you have a tip for making those appear, so I can watch the indicators that you pointed out? Maybe you have another video on how you set up your graph? Thanks!

Kent Peterson says:

wish I would have bought ethereum a few months back when it was $9 a coin.

bardbacx says:

very good video, please don't stop

Sangye Ngawang says:

So you talk about meltdown when it moved barely down at all – its BTC that has the real value and that changed … shows a lot

Glen Fish Batchelor says:

awesome analysis

chrisiden says:

what are your thoughts on Etherium Classic with a much lower price (+-20)

chrisiden says:

i like to take my profits and invest in precious metals… been looking at platinum lately besides silver/gold

coolezum says:

Thank you! 🙂

Goldfox says:

Great analysis man! Really appreciate your videos. Could you make a video about IOTA?

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