Every Time This Happened The Stock Market Crashed! Citi Warns of Economic Collapse 2017

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Citi Warns Economic Collapse 2017. Citi now joins the other major banks in warning the U.S. Stock market is heading for major crash. The Last Time We saw This Was 2008 and the dot com bubble burst. The Stock Market looks to be heading into the end of the current business cycle. Citi states they keep hearing the same question is the market set to crash it was a clear and present warning on the market valuation. lending has collapsed what follows is stock market collapse.


Blazed Enigma says:

No money is real. value is an artificial mechanism.
Love is the real currency of our realm. Love is the power of life.

Hebrew Yisrael says:

Who is the lady speaking before some Parliament at the beginning of the tape?

FRESHMC2882 says:

i wish it happene because im tier of money paying bills rent going to work at 6:40 and getting out at 4:30 mean while the rich dont do nothing and look at us as slaves i hate that regular people look down on other people just because they drive a bmw etc i wish ww3 happens it will change everything. and people will be equal

Won Woo Choi says:

just a short seller utilizing bs news.

Brian Waller says:

a bank predicting a crash is like predicting the sun will rise. the banks control the economy any prediction is because they made it happen.

Brian Heschke says:

Stocks AND bonds will crash.

friendofcoal says:

Is there a chart for corporate borrowing?

doug aussie says:

Don't hold your breath, debt is a tool of making money that is all, too much debt can result in bankruptcy or just refinancing or saving or selling to balance the books and economic crash is a rarity. While people have jobs they will buy and save and sell and invest, that is a fact. China may have slowed a little, but think on this there are a thousand million chinese yet to get on the consumption bandwagon, there another billion across india asia and Africa who want to consume. There are another half a billion in Europe who have just gone through their downturn and are now going to swing up. Low oil prices are a direct injection into the economy into freight/shipping travel tourism even just joe going to work. What about robots, batteries, solar film, etc etc, yep the world is doomed…not.

Z B says:

Quantitative Easing (QE) is a pain killing drug that the markets have been fed monthly. The markets aren't feeling any pains. And worse, all the indicators/signals of pain are not firing. So, for instance, VIX looks low (no volatility) but it isn't giving the right measure of pain anymore.
Once QE is done, (mid June?), we'll start to notice what's broken.

GHOST says:

please get your self a jar of gypsy tears to protect you from horns of joo HIGH FIVE!

tim 904 says:

yeah right… bla bla bla…u fear mongerer, I've been hearing this stock market crash shit for years…next year u will still keep on saying the same shit again n again… get a life bro! get a life!!!…

Pjmperez01 says:

Isnt Citi is a government owned bank after the bailout.

Lady pilliwick says:

the oil companies ( ExxonMobil ) are having to barrow cash to pay the interest on their loans…ExxonMobil received 65 billion in government subsidies
all fossel fuel companies are going bankrupt ….
What's the real price of gas at the pump. ? 4$ dallor a gallon? ?
Why can't they raise the price ? why are they producing more oil then they can sell?
guys. we're in trouble

RONMAYS71 says:

We need to see 25 % of jobs in Manufacturing perhaps to see a healthy economy , full time should go to 32 hours , we need competition in all levels of Medical care – Medicine

Sickmane says:

anyone think people will rush to bitcoins instead of physical when crash could come?

jimsjoe1 says:

Again this guy is delusional and is typical of what the net has become. When a bank, traders or investor makes a public statement they are attempting to change sentiment so they can go back into the market and buy at lower prices. Those with no experience in financial markets fall for this hook, line and sinker.
Let's look at the S&P P/E ratio. After the 87 crash it peaked at 50/1, dot com bust at 46.5/1 and after the 2008/9 crisis at 123.75/1. Today we are at only around 25/1. Does that look like a bubble to anyone? With the S&P ratio at this level the worst for the Dow is a normal correction before moving higher.
Since the advent of HFT trading all crashes have been caused when there is a very high concentration of retail traders and investors in markets and they get spooked, price falls to a level where the algos sell orders are triggered and off we go. We simply do not have that high level today to create a collapse. In fact retail is still below under 50% from it peak.
Again markets especially the Dow have been moving up all caused by international capital flows especially from Europe as the euro and EU are collapsing. It simply has nothing to do with QE as claimed. Again it is all about changing sentiment and then they go back in the markets.
The reason corporate lending as fallen is that most of the multinationals are flush with cash. Just look at Apple with over $250 billion and Berkshire Hathaway with over $100 billion. Because of extremely low interest rates companies have bought back a great deal of their shares and this has reduced the amount of expenses paid as dividends as there are less shares allowing them to build up huge cash reserves.
You simply cannot use historical statistics from the past today as we have never had rates so low. All of these have become meaningless.

JohnnyBGood11 says:

Bill Murray Caddy Shack….I don't think the crash is coming for another 20 to 25 years, I'd keep on investing in these markets.

Frederick Jackson says:

And the dollar too is so highly overvalued that it's crash will be severe.

Eagle40 says:

Another market crash video. How many times and videos are there now that says a crash is coming???? We have been hearing this for 9 years. NOT HAPPENING. This guy is nothing more than a shill promoting silver and metals.

888strummer says:

Loans are not collapsing; complete bs

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