Evidence: Stock Market Crash is Coming

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We’re getting very close to a stock market crash. In this video we go into the technical evidence.
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MindSet'sAThreat says:

currency war is officially on now. I'm getting the feeling that china is sick of buying U.S's debt

Annas Othman says:

Everything is going to collapse .my time is too short because end the world is coming !

Hamiley Hamiley002 says:

All they had to do was be honest and only print as much money as they had in gold -_-

whatisit1326 says:

It's sorta here.

HitTheBid says:

still waiting

Something_to_appease_Google says:

I can't wait for the economic collapse! You got your timeframe wrong but it's true it will inevitably collapse. 

Alex Fulton says:

I don't know what's more irrelevant, that he was wrong on his time frame, or all the replies that spew HATE around. Stop bitching that you didn't get the answers handed to you and do some research and critical thinking. (last part is hard, I know) The stock market can not and will not last, and I APPRECIATE any insight and info that you (SCR) can send out way. Again, thank you and keep it coming.. (Feb '15)

caseyjonesknows says:

One thing about predicting a crash, youre ultimately right…just a matter of when. 

Jose Portillo says:

Dont say crash, say market correction, that creates opportunities. 

mani gandan says:

Jerome Levy Forecasting Center Predicts We're Heading for a Global Recession….2015 crash

Wallabynge says:

Although I understand your concerns about a crash, I think you should consider why you think it will be a total disaster. The fed is propping up the stock market with money that it stole from savings, and inducing inflation against a strong current of deflation. Just because the money and stock markets are highly distorted, does not mean that the real economy doesn't exist. People are still going to work, making widgets, growing food, and building houses. Physically, most things are OK with the system, but the stuff on paper is screwed up. Japan has showed us, since 2000, that it's possible for an economy to keep on going, even though what's on paper is idiotic.

jova1888 says:

Not one analyst picked the 2008-2009 crash. They were all experts after the event. These same experts said Greece would not survive, and now it is propping Europe's growth. One thing he is right about though, that this Quantative easing is welfare for the rich. Why has America become like this? Because of the greed of the Corporations who sent everything offshore so they could increase their profits. China sends their thanks.With a 20 trillion dollar debt the time for the rich in America is coming to an end. You had better get used to sharing a currency with Canada and Mexico.

teknic111 says:

lol… Glad I didn't listen to this guy! 

robkijktmee says:

Most of what you say is rhetoric. You think every small clue can and therefore will lead to mass chaos and destruction. Only focussing in on negative news will make you see only negative news. Go live your life, bud, and stop spewing your paranoia all over youtube and the internet. You are not doing anything positive, even if it all were true and you were raising "awareness". Raising awareness is just another form of doing nothing, its like standing next to a guy just hit by a car screaming, "look!", while the guy is saying "no-no, help!". I know your probably too far gone to take me even serious, but people reading this: stormcloudsgathering is either a crazy paranoid or just in for the views and thus the money. I believe however he's being honest and is just crazy. Have a great, down-to-earth, day :).

stillbreathing37 says:

It's supposedly going to crash for 5 yrs. now. Mow send then your money. Bwahahahahhahahahha!

Missy West says:

Scott, if you don't need complete spoon feeding I can recommend a few. I agree, love stormcloudsgather as he keeps it simple and to the point.

ElijahJohn888 says:

Woe Woe Woe to all those who are left behind. Some of you will curse the womb that bore you & curse The GOD that created you but you will be where you will be by your own choice.
This day is your day you think but the fact is your day is yet to come. Your suffering that is to come will be so GREAT I shutter.
Now the only thing that you will be able to honestly say is " I was told over & over & over again but I refuse to believe.
Repent or Perish. Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus !!!

adfjgaosbnqmviuwtghja;ibmqoteirhno;tbmnqr;ebnat;oiqm says:

Echoesinthevalley, aren't you buffing up your chest blaming everyone else right now?

Francine Devine says:

people have to stick together always…
and since people are selfish and ego centric ….. you will loose because you will be too busy buffing up your chests and arguing within yourselves rather than working as a team. I see it every day.. selfish egotistical people who cant work as a team….

Scott White says:

This is the only channel on Youtube that I trust to give me real information. This guy predicted the (failed) attack on Syria, and he clearly knows his shit. Does anyone have any other channels that are just as credible?

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