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Market update (17/8/17) – SP500/ SPX price action analysis following -1% correction, macro/micro environment analysis and volatility/ safe haven analysis.


TrueGritProductions says:

I just looked at today's charts and it's looking total reversal back to the upside. Knowing this market is fake is the only explanation

Roy Desell says:

Thanks, great update, look forward to your next

comfibold says:

The markets are often weak over August/September and October. This year is likely no different.

Debbie Trexler says:

Good vid. You may find the writings of Gail Tverberg, actuary, very informative. Yes I agree this market should be exhausted but there is so much government buying to support the markets and industries and jobs. This market should continue upward as long as they can print money out of thin air to buy. The technicals are horrible. The economic facts are horrible. Duetch Bank leveraged at 40 to 1. Lehman was only leveraged 30 to 1. China's debt is 275% of GDP. and U.S. Debt is 125% of GDP and yet GDP % continues downward no matter how much debt is added to create inflation. Most telling is the lack of wage growth in the U.S. Likely within the next 24 months economy's will collapse under the debt and you'll witness the beginning of a Super Depression

Jerry E says:

Oh please. The S&P has support at it's 20-week EMA and four-month MA.

SVXY is bouncing off of it's 10-month MA.

This doom and gloom stuff is BULLSHIT.

Young Goldman says:

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