Exact Tading – Forex Live 5 minute time frame EURO/USD trade

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We trade an interesting EURO/USD reversal trade for you and take 20 pips from the market. If you would like to know more please visit http://www.exacttrading.com


Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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Prateek Manchanda says:

I used to struggle too, but now I'm making 400 pips a week easy. Get the right strategy and everything falls into place. I use this for 80% of my trades. If you wana learn watch this video => bit.ly/N2i2No?=rfxxyw

Paul Langham says:

thanks for your kind comments

Zack Sleeps says:

I like your trading vids. cheers

lojeeca says:

Great price action trading

Paul Langham says:


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