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Intraday Option Selling Strategy | Plan to Expiry | Theta Gainers

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Gayethri ujjini says:

Sir please do videos in English as well

workindia modi says:

Sir your no

Ashish Jyoti Saxena says:

Sir knowledge full video lekin ek bat aap btate btate raha gai ki agar put ya call achanak badhne lage tou ese balance kaise kare??

Kavyapradeep Sidbatte says:

You are super sir…

Kavyapradeep Sidbatte says:

Sir, Kya hum is setup ko nifty me use karsakthe hai Kya !?

srinivas b says:

Please explain in English sir …it will reach pan India

Yashwant Vaidu says:

Nice video 👌 thanks Sir

Swapneel Satam says:

Nice strategy, Sir can we try this on Nifty?

Sanjay kumar Deokuliar says:

Banknifty or nifty which is better for option treading for beginners. Requested to please make a video on this topic.


Please make a vedio on equity option selling (hedge with PE &CE) on positional please

s.h Dasuri says:

Superb sir excellent explanation sir.

Ajay Gupta says:

Quite good return on 18 lac – 31K profit (in couple of days) In NIFTY Option selling (Saw your telegram channel). Please update your October strategy once deployed.

Mohit Maheshwari says:

Very simple yet effective analysis. Good Work. Kudos.

Sandesh Nikam says:

Very nice video, learned something new from this session. Thank you very much sir.

Viraj Shah says:

Astha trade vs Alice Blue ???

Rv 15 says:

Ek no sir 🔥👌

T S Sodhi says:

Excellent informative video

Dr Sachin Fegde says:

Dear Sir Please let me know your view on this NIFTY September Expiry Strategy Profit Probab 99.5% Iron Butterfly

-1x SEPT 11450 CE (177.5)
-1x SEPT 11450 PE (406)
+1x sept 11250 PE (255)
+1x SEPT 11650 CE (109)

Net Credit : 16462.5 and Margin Used 61552

Dr. Prashant Srivastava says:

Amazing work theta gainers …one of the best teacher indeed. …keep up the good work

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