Expiry Day Options Strategy – Easy & Powerful

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Every #option has an expiry Date. Options can have weekly or monthly expiry. Normally options expiry on Thursdays. On expiry day, the settlement is done for the position holders and the profit / loss is adjusted to the position holder’s account. Options traders who have closed their positions before expiry do not get impacted by this process. If you leave your positions open till the expiry then the profits generated by your positions is transferred to your account after the settlement

Maximum time decay occurs on the expiry day. Trader like to take advantage of this decay by selling options. If options are carefully chosen then one can make quick profits. In this video we have discussed how to get maximum benefits of options time decay. If this strategy is carefully executed then there is high probability of profits

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DISCLAIMER : All contents herein are provided for illustrative, educational and informational purposes only and are not intended as recommendations to buy or sell. Any information provided herein shall not be construed as professional advice of any nature. Trading involves risks and it is advised that a certified financial analyst ought to be consulted before making any decisions


Kamalkishor Paldiwal says:

App is not downloading on apple phone .


Sell main jiayda quantity sel nahi kar sakte exposer bhaut hota hai

V-World says:

26 march 2020 ke 29300 ke call liye hai 680 quantity ab market down hai kya karna chahiye pls suggest

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Kumar Pandey says:

Dear nowadays BN moves 500 point in a day. It will result in big loss

suresh kumar c r says:

Pl post a tutorial on Delta neutral strategy.

Chiman Patidar says:

How to use app

Jagdish Soni says:

On expiry day IV becomes zero which IV to be considered previous day or which. One.pl make video on how to calculate IV.

Bitcoin Lover Vivek says:

Nice strategy sir💪👍

devendra gupta says:

Awesome sir

Ravindra Kamath says:

nicely explained


🙏 Sir is type ka koi positional strategy batayi ye na trending or sideway market ke liye

SINGHT4 says:

Ar what time entry should be made on thursday ?

romanov1124 says:

Thanks a lot for expanding in easy and simple way


Please don't make people fool.
One big move towards any side leads loss, may be 1000%

Pravin Kale says:

If possible also show the payoff

Pravin Kale says:

Sir pls mention the margin required ?

Ningaraj PS says:

Sir plz recommend paper trading website for future & options..

shashank bhai says:

what is this strategy name sir.

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Thank you Sir

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