Expiry Trading Strategy/Plan for August 27th | Theta Gainers

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Intraday Option Selling Strategy | Plan to Expiry | Theta Gainers

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Mehendi Ali says:

Yes, please make a detailed video on iron fly.

tabba par says:

it is becoming difficult write options n getting THETA decay when vix is so LOW…any strategy for…make a video

chekuri Narasimha Raju says:

No time waste, no lagging. Only subject. Your views are excellent. Good. Go ahead.

Gaurav Gandhi says:

11500 pe with expiry of 27th august or 3rd September?


Chhota investor k liye v boliye

Rajeev Juneja says:

Thank you so much..was enamoured with iron fly: I havent ever done hedging…


Option buying ka koi tips dijiye Sir.

S Lokanath says:

I am fearing things will not be so smooth. As there is heavy built up on 11500 PUT, one can make good money, if market cracks below 11500 by way of stoploss triggers. I think market will give a GAPUP giving sense that 11500 will hold. New PUTs will be created at 11500. Then market will crack below 11500 to trigger SL. There will be heavy unwinding of 11500 PUTs, that will trigger panic buying. So market can crack atleast 250 points today.
If market cracks like I said Friday will be an upmove by atleast 250 points. What you think, please.

Dave Wellington says:

Great content, I got in touch with Mr Zack Hugh after I lost my investments to a mediocre account manager and I haven’t regretted it one bit. His style of trading and management of account is incredible, we all know how volatile the market is so I don’t know how he does it but he is a great professional .

Dave Wells says:

Great content, I got in touch with Mr Zack Hugh after I lost my investments to a mediocre account manager and I haven’t regretted it one bit. His style of trading and management of account is incredible, we all know how volatile the market is so I don’t know how he does it but he is a great professional .

skynetware07 says:

i watched your videos and tracked it on the expiry day but unfortunately your suggested range had broken both the times but the good thing is you r providing atleast something ….
Also i would like to add one thing that is in last 20 years there are 8 times nifty moved more than 500 points in a single days wether it is – or + in which 6 times nifty was directly gaped up or gaped down of more than 500 points.
But my concern is not to correct you .
i m looking a for a way in which atleast one can know that like here you have to buy a nifty or banknifty option at this price and tgt is this ….this kind of stuff

Satya Prakash says:

your analysis is so great sir.your mind and thinking is God gifted

rohan sawant says:

Great work 🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Amit Soni says:

Kal me pehli baar option selling karne wala hu, wo bhi sirf aapki video dekh kr, aapne bahut kuchh sikhaya h, thanks

Naveen Jain says:

Hedgeing pay video banaye

XmaxStudio says:

Sir, normal retail traders ke liye options selling small lot wala v trade diya karo this will help retail traders

Agam Jain says:

Boss…11460 ka put hi sell kr de toh? safer side ke liye.

Fake Buddha says:

GG bhai. One of the most awaited videos for me.

Mamta Gupta says:

God bless you little brother

Ajay Kushwaha says:

Yes iron fly separate video

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