Exposing The Ridiculousness Of Penny Stock Promoters

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0:05 I’m in Asia working on several of my charities, I got a little sick, but I’m back. The Profit.ly sale is ending in just a few days, make sure you take advantage of it while it lasts.

3:00 It’s so sad when people fall for these penny stock pumps. I don’t enjoy anyone losing money, some people just don’t get it unless I’m mean.

6:00 Now the game has changed, the promoters have muddied the waters, and they’ve become ridiculous with their disclaimers. They are actually kind of funny.

9:00 These promoters are telling you that they won’t publish any negative information about the stocks they’re promoting. It’s hilarious.

12:00 FUSZ is a pump, congratulations to promoters. I will continue dip-buying on the panics.

15:00 If you follow the wrong strategy and if you follow the wrong people you will get crushed in the stock market.

18:00 This one line is the most honest thing that any promoter has ever said, you can’t follow picks from promoters, you have to learn the patterns and decide which patterns you’re best at and what works for you.

20:00 Always be learning the penny stock patterns to avoid ignorant losses.


TheSushiandme says:

Subbed and like because Tim speaks the truth haha. Poor people are pretty dumb.

Bryan Mop says:

how do you spot so many pumps? i want to start learning your strat

SnowKid32 says:

LMAO HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS – what a joke, they actually are this adamant about fucking people over? good god

Pedro Tagliani says:

Hahahahahaha that's hilarious!! "we will sell our shares while we tell you to purchase it" – how convenient is that?! HAHAHA

richard gordon says:

Where are these disclaimers located?

Andrea Comelli says:

Great lesson! Thank you Tim!

fredericorijo says:

unbelievable… lol

My Daily Gains says:

Hilarious, so true… beware of those garbage emails

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

FunnyTities says:

Wow they go in full naked with the disclaimers knowing that people are just so greedy. YOU CAN LOSE!!! (but you can win) – reading this they think they'll win even tho the "you can lose" part is in capital letters

5% of traders, 5% o……..

Omar Elias says:

Thanks for exposing these ppl I fear that is what prevents future growth with investing for the long haul…

Hamzeh Murab says:

the tweets by these guys are hilarious 😂 i hate the promoters but they create opportunity so thank you promotors

Robert Russell says:

I am learning everyday. Thank you for the honesty. My watch list are growing.

Gustav Kaiser says:

This is funny!

Jord X says:

Studying… 😀

Dylan Britz says:

Yeah love this patern!!! I'm in a position of $BTCS!!!

darrin davidson says:

Although I watch all your vids 1st time commenting. This is a must watch video for anyone who is going to trade/invest a penny stock. The facts are corrupt management, advertisers and promoters exist, especially at the penny stock level. Their sole purpose is to spike their stock for their personal gain at the ignorant investors loss and if you don't know and aren't reading the fine print funny or not you will be a victim. From the heart, tyvm Tim Sykes

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

Thank you Tim, You were spot on on LRGR as always.

haydengrayfilms says:

What happened to the forex tycoon on profitly?

billy bob says:

"If you're not first you're last" ~Ricky Bobby~

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