Exposing Timothy Sykes & his affiliates – How to Make Money with Affiliate & internet marketing

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Ever see hot-shot day trading penny stocks gurus like Timothy Sykes driving around in their exotic supercars and wondered how they make so much money? Why everyone has positive reviews about their service? There’s a beautiful thing in the world of Internet marketing which can answer these questions, and its called affiliate marketing. A lot of people don’t know how affiliate marketing works and they often get taken advantage by it so I thought I would explain a little! I bring up these day traders up because all of you know and have seen these guys, but I bet a lot of you didn’t figure out what they are up to! These guys are some of the biggest perpetrators and it makes sense why. They make a ton off selling these Trading Education products, which as far from educational and very seldom lead to profits for the consumer, yet they all have amazing product reviews. Why? Because affiliate markets market their product and leave fake review sites and even reach out to people to get them to sign up so that they can get a cut from these $1,000 DVDs.

Given I explained most of this in the video I will stop there and let you listen, and hopefully you guys can learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing so that you guys can pursue some sources of income. Hopefully you guys don’t end up promoting crap like how to trade penny stocks DVDs, but promote something that would make sense for you and wouldn’t cheat/discount the consumer you are selling it to. Further, at the end of this, hopefully you guys aren’t dumb consumers and fall for these marketing tricks that can leave you vulnerable to misinformation and ultimately getting duped.

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FinalCut TV says:

i think hes using TIM SYKES name to build traffic himself SHOW YOURSELF

CGE_magiccc says:

why do you care if they are singing up and they are making money . its called business moron

Marcus X Lane says:

Listen you are very well educated, but you lack the understanding that Timothy Sykes methods truly work. Up to 80% of the trades I have made are successful based on his teachings. He is a affiliate yes but that doesn't hinder the fact that he helps millions of other people make a living trading. He is no scam and affiliate marketing is not evil it's just a efficent way of generating more income through the use of marketing.

carlos torres says:

What do you think about Tim Sykes? Lies and deceit?

Tdell Productions says:

if i dont have safari how do i see the link? i do not have a mac when i click on it, it does not show me the same

Zay Donner says:

he is not a fake, he shows he live trades, tips, etc. Taxes, and several have made money from his strategies. Don't bash it before you try some of his tactics. Even if you don't agree take some of the things he says and use it to your personal advantage I've made $2000 in two days from trading small priced stocks using his strategies.

Samuel Patterson says:

I totally onboard with affiliate marketing, its just another word for sales. The problem with a lot of newbies in the field is they think its fast cash but, need to understand a transaction has to happen for them to get paid. They also think that spamming links is going to net them the big check.

Wouter Hof says:

Since when is affiliate marketing wrong? Lol

Zilon Zilon says:

Can you do a story of you're life?

David Eagen says:

Good title. I think this title and video will do the best for your company and business.

LDM // says:

Do you think Nadex is a good choice to begin trading? I want to get in but I don't know how, and I don't want to do penny stocks.

Brutus Empire says:

great video. i have tim sykes program. i'm not gonna lie, the content itself is very informative. i learned alot but i found someone who paid $5,000 for the program and was selling it on craigslist. I traded him a canon t4i for it that i wasnt using. so it all
worked out.

Madre Monstère says:

i'm gonna cut this guy into cubes and feed him to my hellhounds NO ONE'S GOING TO SCAM MY JOSH BBY DADDY !!!!!

Meraki says:

Lmao Tim Sykes is NOT a scam, if he was then why would I know how to trade Penny Stock Markets and make $10mil in 2 seconds?! He also has a school in Africa, cus he donates to Charity! YOUR A SCAM JUSH ANSWURS!!!!!1!!!11!!!!

Joseph Pauly says:

Great vid!

Joseph Pauly says:

Great vid!

Teby Bear says:

I programmed this kind of systems for customers. The system on itself isn't bad. Because real good products will be introduced to people. But you can also promote bad products of services. Like what this idiot sykes does. The system isn't bad. Sykes just scamming people. But he is not the only one does the whole wallstreet is a big ponzi scheme. And the only way is to be the bad ass who is smart and take away money from it.

QcSVP says:

You're very educated my man and I respect that but it's only my opinion that you are not giving the Broadview picture on Sykes, other traders, or even MLM.

PokeLife says:

Getting into whitehat and SEO.

PokeLife says:

Hahaha I'm doing internet marketing right now. With game hacks, really inspirational. I'm getting into PPC with Facebook Ads/Bing now and using direct offers instead of content locking. I use to follow Timothy Sykes fag, but I soon realized his tactics.

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