February 2018 Market Crash Was A Warning Sign! You Will NOT Be Able to Sell!

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The Money GPS says:

I’ve been warning about this for a while but interest rates are clearly the KEY! Watch them closely!

ima piledriver says:

give it up libtart

chris wiebers says:

I have made 20k in crypto currencies. How can I protect myself? What should I buy with this money to protect myself? Gold?

meagain2222 says:

Maitreya has predicted that this global corrupt system will come to an end.He and a group of Masters (63) will work openly in the world and will encourage the people of the world to set up an economic system based of sharing of the worlds resources.They need our help to bring this in effect.This will end this system where the super rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Mathins Joe says:

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tesla truth says:

NASDAQ website was down today also.

Bongjo K says:

should I buy vixy?

Shima B says:

Looking forward to a major crash of the American market. Tired of the lies, fake market and the over bloated and worthless US currently. As we all know, pegged to crap.This is what we need in order to fix what has gone so wrong in this corrupt country. Yes, don’t put all your egg in the same basket.

Shawn Travels The World says:

You have been making predictions that never come true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Marie Joy says:

Take your money out of the system, NOW.

Darren Madkins says:

I hope so bring the crash on Yahweh be blessed

doug aussie says:

Tesla has a 2 BILLION dollar debt problem. Amazon has another couple of Billion. Apple X phones sales are poor. Household debt levels are high while interest rates are low putting dry wood on a the invitable fire. Bitcoin, what a joke, all those who create this fantasy coin when it was one dollar got rich while all the suckers who bought in at tens of thousands are now left holding something worth nothing except to whoever they can pass it off to quickly. When the crash comes it will be bad, very very bad. Consumer spending will stop dead and a thousand companies on the edge will sink. Hope you like food stamps and soup.

Bryan Bobadilla says:

The stock market crash will be about politics. Trump will be ousted only by way of a nasty crash. Watch. Just sit in cash boys. I have a feeling it will be bloodier. We are due for a big big dip. Fall back and be ready to jump in after the crash.

Trade Super Stocks says:

No crash…stocks will go higher and higher..

Xiao Liu says:

Wallstreet wolves fight against trump

Lee Johnson says:

Marx said the Stock Market would crash and there would be such Poverty, homelessness, not able to buy food, and the People under Capitalism would have a Violent Revolution and over throw Capitalism.

jony joe says:

The deepstate is trying to make trumpus maximus look like a clown, they are trying to beclown him. Wallstreet has been making humongous gains since trumpus was crowned governor of all the lands west of the atlantic… The dark ages are over since the big ear clown was uncrowned, his heir apparent, the bucktooth wench was not to be.
Trumpus maximus has been trying to govern with both arms tied behind his back, the democrats hate him, the republicans hate him, the deep state hate him. But he is still achieving greatness. He is on track to being the greatest president since time immemorial, don't worry fellow youtubers, trumpus maximus will save the day, its what he does best. It is but a minor annoyance to some of trumpus vast intelligence, he is playing chess while all of you is playing checkers. His greatness will overwhelm us all.

Thyalwaysseek says:

Imagine when it's the ATM's at the banks saying the same thing and you can't withdraw your cash either.

Destiny tran says:

People have to sub lease. Otherwise, they can't afford

l b says:

I'm making money on tvix and uvxy.

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