Fed Rate Hike to Crash Stock Market? | James Corbett

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Muppet Slaughter says:

that took one day to come to fruition.

reeve1able says:

this video advertised by gold and silver dealers at the begining says it all! they are trying to scare you – DOOM MONGERERS!!!! can't believe people will still take this GOLD best investment shit in even after they got it so wrong last time!!! i didnt even watch the remainder of the vide!!! – the Fed WILL raise rates – there will be a correction – the stock market has gone from 66 to 16000 in 100 yrs and we have had 2 world wars, AIDS, etc all that shit – and i bet the FED has done alot in that time – stop living in fear people – i feel sorry for anyone who does!

– Warren Buffett says he has NEVER made an investment decision based on what the FED is going to do – buy and hold good businesses for 20/30 years – DONT GO ON MARGIN – keep costs low – and just live your life – and when it comes to retirement age – you will find you have done very well – be a business owner – stop thinking of stocks as something that bob up and down – any market correction will be a FANTASTIC buying opportunity for those not paralysed because of video's like this :-)

Paul Wolf says:

Has anyone here heard about the company karat bars?? I'm wondering if it's a good way to acquire gold or not

Aaron Bryant says:

All is well after the rate hike. Dow closes above 200 and oil is climbing back up. The American economy is unsinkable.

Dominic Buonarosa says:

They did it

Enki Gilgamesh says:

Why should we trust them to raise rates this time…!? They are so full of bullcrap. Oh this time they'll raise rates? How many times did they say they were going to raise rates? WHat ever is happening is a desired effect by the elite to create the social, economic night mare.
We live on flat earth and it has gone viral. THis will tell you how big they been lying to you and where your money is being wasted. Space programs is hollywood… Nasa is a hollywood act… ANtarctic treaty is very telling and we have shortage in nothing. Capitalism is based on scarcity!!! Without scarcity this system of CAIN's would crumble. Kind of sounds like Keynsian/Cainsian…

jonathan goodman (Aquarius) says:

Apparently Mr Corbett needs an education in financial matters. I would suggest he read the work of Jim Willie, where he would learn of the current hidden 'QE' mechanisms that have actually increased the amount of monetary hyperinflation since the nominal and official 'easing' was discontinued.
Quit bloviating based on false assumptions. Stick to what you know, which clearly does not include finance.

Texas Shrugged Book says:

They won't raise rates. What does credibility matter when the entire world and it's depression hangs in the balance. It's like a guy driving a man who cut his fingers off to the hospital, driving slowly "because he never had a ticket and wants to keep the reputation of a perfect driver." He'll put the guy's life at risk to save his driving record. Really?

northofport says:

SORRY you r one of the most expensive silver & gold people in the market!…. I guess liberty will back any one who throws him kick back!….Thumbs down….

Jason 5g says:

great show…but I do disagree I think our economy is very strong but will see what happens I just think america will get through anything

Chuck Dellano says:

jewbilee time,festivus for the restuvus.

noodlesdoctor says:

Much better advert SD Bullion :)

greenback001 says:

Rate hike will have to be followed with a major False Flag before the negative consequences start. The False Flag will be the explanation for the economic trouble arising from the rate hike and will be the reason given for lowering the rate and introducing QE4,5,6,etc…

donald johnson says:

The ad with the 2 chicks was preferable to this one. Just sayin'…

Youri Carma says:

Buybacks, mergers to fuel $450 billion worth of stock demand in 2016
10 December 2015, by Sue Chang (MarketWatch)

pseudoprodigy says:

Get a pile of cash and get ready to load the boat.

phatbottom Six says:

Markets remind me of the tulip mania of old.

phatbottom Six says:

I keep up with his podcasts. Great shows and fantastic impeccable research!

phatbottom Six says:

Yep I agree! Corbett is a legend!

singlecellorganism13 says:

Corbett is a legend.

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