Fed Warns Insiders! Money Managers Liquidating Stocks! Silver Price in Economic Collapse 2017

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major investors warn of massive stock market sell-off the federal reserve warns insider traders to prepare for the feds support of the stock market. The federal reserve begins their stock market sell-off warns of economic collapse 2017. the stock market has been propped up by the federal reserve now they begin to pull out the support


Mike Can says:

Your talking about paper silver right not the actual metal silver.

Matt Langstraaat says:

hokd on, you mean pms are going to go up? REALLY? you would not lie to me right? for like… 6 years even… you continue .. i hope to catch up.. i should do it soon, right? Wait! LARGEST SHORTS IN HISTORY! I SHOULD BUY NOW, RIGHT? YOUR NOT SHORT ARE YOU? YOU WOULD NEVER LIE TO YOUR LISTENERS.. RIGHT? FU. fu fu fu fu. continue that for the next 6 years. ….. then.. you may speak ..mr. 2months, is a huge idiot to me… how about you?

harry viking says:

yes, the small guy must be Yoda in starwars at an early age!! lol!

James pagel says:

bye bye 401k…

reduen says:

I love Yoda baby…..

Adrian Tyler says:

Gold and silver down, stock market up.

Beginning to regret putting so much into PMs and mining stocks.

Showemright YTchannel says:

Silver under $20 USD ..good price…

Candace Oliveri says:

i want the lion…

Tom Boardman says:

it's still raining $ilver but watch out for Sunshine & you will miss being part of best thing happening in your life time! ?

Tom Boardman says:

it's still raining $ilver but watch out for Sunshine & you will miss being part of best thing happening in your life time! ?

Randy Best says:

China and Russia are saving gold but Americans are focused on the Kardashians and scores of sports games. My oh my….

clarence clark says:

thank you for the lion God Bless

Morten Hansen says:

What will happen to the value of Gold and Silver when the SDR (Special Drawing Right) begins to be more introduced in the economy? What about our currencies worldwide in relation to the SDR. Are we talking inflation here and loss of wealth for the average citizens in the US and Europe and further!

wendy hume says:

a load of people sent a copy of ted butlers letter to the new people watch dogging silver. it's on bix weir's roadtoroota, accusing jpmorgan and others citibank of rigging the silver price

Hawk9955 says:

I want the Lion 🙂

The Trump says:

Confiscate the Fed's balance sheet. Take their assets, and return the wealth to the real economy. Shut out these corporate criminals. DTS!

Super1TruthSeeker says:

They just keep the silver/gold prices just high enough for the miner slaves will not quit.

Big B says:

I want the lion

Jack Crowley says:

The opening clip of the kid continues to crack me up

Super1TruthSeeker says:

Get off the dope buddy, they can do what ever they want with the silver paper price.

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