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So far we completed 24 trades this month during the 25 hours the Fibonacci Trading Room was open ( this video was done prior to few last trades)

• This week we witnessed the accuracy of the Fibonacci Method on trending markets on the E-Mini S&P short term, hourly, daily and weekly charts. This was an especially active week since institutional long term Fibonacci Support and Resistance levels were present. The resulting Daily and Weekly Reversal Levels gave us very powerful markets.

Prior to Wednesday’s market open and leading up to the FOMC minutes release, the S&P staged a powerful Bullish Rally from the Fibonacci Reversal Zone of 2035.
View FOMC S&P Futures 8 pts Fibonacci Rally May 18

The E-Mini S&P hourly chart is crucial for Day Trading Strategy as we are using
Hourly Fibonacci Retracement Levels as Key Support and Resistance levels for
entries on minute charts.

• We witnessed very powerful sharp trend reversals time and time again, as expected, when our predetermined Fibonacci Reversal Zone levels had been reached. To the unknowledgeable trader these reversals would have seemed unpredictable and unexpected. Understanding the Fibonacci Retracement Rules identifies these reversal levels well in advance and allows trader time to prepare for entry.

It doesn’t matter if you are trading on 2 min, weekly or yearly charts. Nor does it matter if you are trading stocks, Forex or options. The Fibonacci Strategy rules holds true regardless of time frame or instrument!

• There were numerous examples of the power of the Fibonacci Method to determine when to trade and when to stay out of the market. Every time the market came to Hourly, Daily and Weekly Reversal Zones, all traders were continually warned that no matter how powerful the trend looks, it is not the place to enter as this is where the trend ends. These are Fibonacci Retracements where the Fibonacci Method trader would expect complete trend reversal. This is exactly what happened time and time again on the hourly and short term minute charts on E-Mini S&P.

Only the knowledgeable Fibonacci Trader will know when price stages a complete reversal vs. an untradeable correction. Knowing when to trade and when to stay out of the markets will remain the key.

• We repeatedly witnessed that only stops and entries as identified by Price Volatility and the Fibonacci Method is highly accurate; placing fixed stops and targets seldom works.

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Alla Peters says:

Completely OPPOSITE . If fundamentals worked: everyone will be Bill Gates. Only Fibonacci projects all levels far in advance.
Fundamentals are books cooked by humans.
Review my record and see clearly that Apple collapse was projected well before poor earnings when Apple was at 130, S&P collapse from 2100 projected since 2014, Bullish Rally from 1800 since same year, Oil rally from 30 since 2015 and so on..

Simon Johnson says:

Technical analysis is like getting yesterday's newspaper today. Fundamental analysis is like getting today's newspaper today. But Fibonacci is like getting tomorrow's newspaper today.

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