FIFA 15 | MAKING MILLIONS – AWESOME GOLD METHOD! | Episode #2 – (Ultimate Team Trading Series)

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Welcome to Making Millions; the Trading Series where I reveal all of my tips, tricks and secrets to help you guys make some coins and trade on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. I’m going to be showing you some of my best methods to make HUGE profits.


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Masako Taylor says:

how much is a hunter card worth on ios.


Basically search hunte under 5k and sell for 5k .

Sol A says:

I'm really struggling with the method and I lost quiet a lot of coins and I play ps4 

Masako Taylor says:

Really nice video!!  Just one question, where do you live?

Nathan Lindsey says:

So basically what you do is that you figure out how much a hunter card is worth. Then get a any player (preferably gold rare with very good speed) and see its cheapest cost. Then you try to get that player for a cheaper price. Then you sell that player by adding the cost for the chemistry style and player. If this isn't right, please leave a reply below by telling me what to do. Thanks

EC football says:

Could anyone check out my Chanel I make real life football videos thanks guys

Jesus Hernandez says:

Nice method Toby :D

EpicPlayer951 says:

what time should i sell? Im in california

edison kit says:

Best method ever!

Cubone PB says:

I honestly don't understand this can someone plz explain

Gamertilldeath says:

Thanks so much for the tips it really helped me

Jack Culliton says:

This still work?

The IPhone Gaming Channel says:

What's the song?

Gido beast says:

i cant sell me players?

Fifanomenon says:

Love your vids!I wish I could trade like you!Your really good!

maisum mehdi says:

i have listed hunter emenike and and santi cazorla the same as ur price but it isnt getting sold

xRich7 says:

I dont understand, I'm buying the player with the Hunter card, and selling him for more?

Aky A says:

loving your making millions vids toby keep up the good work i just subscribed 

Chris Matthewman says:

great video but "making millions" not true

NAVO Gaming says:

can someone give me coins please
ps4 nam NAVOsgt

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