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It has been way too long since I had a healthy dose of Shinee on my channel so this is more of a treat for me than for the rest of you, I’m sure. And sorry about the loud landscaping sounds.

A few things I forgot to say about Base: I didn’t mention a few other artists that I thought were a big influence on the album, especially Maxwell, who is an artist Jonghyun has done covers for at Shinee concerts (

I also didn’t talk about the fact that the Ace and Base albums being in identical packaging makes the title (Base) even more appropriate because even if this is his solo album, the base of his fame comes from his link to Shinee as a group and the inextricable bonds he has formed with the other members. Jonghyun could have come out with his solo first and had everyone fawning over his talents and then constantly compare Taemin’s vocal work to Jonghyun….again. By releasing Taemin’s album well in advance, Taemin wasn’t burdened with that comparison distraction which would have come otherwise (because let’s face it, no one is doing the comparison in reverse) and he is showing his admiration for the maknae in a very obvious way. In more ways than one, Taemin and Jonghyun are similar in having something to prove with their solos, even if that something is totally different for each.

And lastly, I think that this album owes a big debt to Big Bang, because Big Bang is a group that has proven over and over again that solos don’t have to take away from the overall power of the group, but in the space between albums, they actually serve as the ultimate promotional tool for enhancing the group’s image and keeping fans engaged and anticipating the group’s return. I don’t think Jonghyun would have made this album if he thought it would fuel any type of breakup rumors, but by there already being a precedent set for multiple wildly successful solos out of a group, Jonghyun knew this solo wouldn’t bring any negative speculations to Shinee.

Where I got what:

From Amazon: Lucky Star, Shinee The First (limited edition), Lucifer -Korean (Japanese Press), Zion T’s Red Light

From Ebay: Shinee The First (regular edition) and Taemin’s black Ace, loads of cards

From Base (both copies) and Taemin’s white Ace

Trades: Miranda0223, Adzpower


Myuux2 says:

where did you get the lucifer korean album japanese press? ive searched for it but i got no idea how to find it

Cao Nhan Nguyen says:

which seller on Amazon do you usually use to buy japanese cds ?? because i'm trying to complete my BoA & 2NE1 collection ;)

nega minho says:

I loved listening to the way you spoke about Jonghyun and base!
I have to admit the whole time I was watching I was nodding my head along to everything you said lol
I'm so immensely proud of him for putting out music that is so true to himself and being able to showcase it to everyone. I can't wait to hear what SHINee's new track will be like, it's made me especially curious knowing Jonghyun wrote the lyrics asfhsdsdhj

Mariam Hussein says:

I am not a big fan or R&B, but i am a huge fan of rock and I would literally cry if he does a rock album oh god

watching this video, I really took in all your opinions about the album and I've seen a different side to the album, or rather, I now have a better understanding of what it is. I knwo myself, and I know im not one for R&B, and I dont think i ever will be, its just not for me, and that unfortunately means that i did not enjoy jonghyun's album as much as i would've liked, but i do have a much greater appreciation now and i really do understand how jonghyun is truly an incredible artist

Jonghyun is just great, and his work is good, whether i enjoy it or not, it will always be good, no matter what honestly. I just really hope his next work suits my taste, im just dying to enjoy the work of such an amazing artist, its so unfair haha

Jonathan Fink says:

Btw, your description of Jjong's solo album is on point !!! It brought tears to my eyes.

Jonathan Fink says:

May I ask where you got the Japanese press of Lucifer?  

jopodie says:

Where do you get ur photocard sleeves? I love them. 

Cl. Lopes says:

I must admit: When I listened to Jonghyuns album the first time I didn't really thought much about it. But after hearing you talking about it I went back listening a second time and now it is on repeat over and over again. I wanted to slap myself for not seeing how great this album is.

Miranda0223 says:

I love this video! Also thank you for trading with me again,and i'm glad you're happy with him i know i'm happy with Onew ^_^

shawol5 says:

Bless you (for that sneeze)
Aaaa! your japanese collection has grown so much! You even have the photocards wow…
A minute to awe at choi minho xD I admit that is an extremely gorgeous picture of him. Although very pretty, I would have no use for the calendar haha. I hope you enjoy having it and I'm glad it helped with your SHINee deprivation.
I agree that Jonghyun's album is the best thing ever. He has effictively shown his musical interests and that he's good at it! I'm so proud of him.
I loves hearing you talk about the albums for so long. A shawol's words of love are always beautiful
Thank YOU for your words of encouragement. You always add such sweet comments and reminders at the end of each video and they honestly make me feel good. It's so nice to know that you genuinely wish good onto others. Thanks for being a reminder that I should do so regularly as well :)

TheDelikizzz says:

JJong's solo was just a masterpiece tbh. It was just so amazing and exceeded my expectations. I still need to buy my own copy tho orz. 

TheDelikizzz says:

Wow I paid like 25 for JJong's the first pc and it was Taiwanese press orz that's a great deal 

kyostar95 says:

All that SHINee ??? nice haul! 

SHINEBaby Muse says:

This was a really great video and I really liked the explanation you gave over Taemin's and Jonghyun's albums and where they stand as individuals apart from SHINee. Looking at this video reminds me of all of the other SHINee albums I want to buy. LOL! I still need to get a copy of Ace and I'm looking into getting Amigo and Misconceptions of Us. 😀 

alsk20 “alsk20” says:

Another great haul!! Lots of good SHINee albums. I love the Boys Meet U concept, they all looked so good in the striped blue outfits. That is one album of their Japanese discography that I need to buy

ghostrulz3129 says:

I just love hearing you talk D: The way you described Jong's album makes so much sense to me and will help me understand it so much more haha thanks for uploading :D

angels2014 says:

Yah! Another video. I actually have to do another one once I get all of my stuff. But of course great video as always. 

AdzPower says:

I feel like the major difference between Taemin and Jjong is that Taemin is an entertainer whereas Jonghyun is an artist, both completely respectable professions, but I feel like Jjong has the talent and the creativity to make an album his own whereas Taemin takes what he is given and makes it his own that way, it's like Jjong is Mary J Blige and Taemin is Rihanna, both respected singers, but they go about things differently to show off their own individuality.

AdzPower says:

I think Minho or Key's will be called "Face", just not sure which one will get it lol.

AdzPower says:

AWW your comments about me were so nice, thanks! : )

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