Find More Dependable Trading Opportunities (Example from Gold Chart This Week)

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Find more dependable trades by building a ‘story’ for your trading opportunity. This will help you to understand the different potential scenarios and how this will affect your trade.

We take a look at an example from the Gold market, which was one of the markets we chose in our Market Selection Service this week.

Presented by Nicholas Puri


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Christopher Portway says:

I think this has pointed out something I did wrong in my last trade! Food for thought. More example like this would be great, installing rock solid thought processes!

mike wilson says:

Great Video mate, I got a nice trade on NZD/USD from the bounce at the bottom of the Fibonacci range. Bulls seem to be back for now, but i will be focusing mostly on Gold next week:) Thank you for the value you give everyone on this channel.

Edward Pierce says:

Who’s that hot trader girl at your back?

Good Things says:

Cheers dude! I've been loving the market selection service and I'm really looking forward to more like this!

philip says:

More like this !!

nuno alves says:

Thank you for this great lesson, we was missing the Duomo videos 😉

kebman says:

You were comparing what with what? Mine's bigger than yours!!!!111 Nah, just kidding mine's really small. What, my trading account of course! What did you think? Anyway, thanks for another great video! Hopefully my account will grow bigger because of it… Somehow that sounded wrong… Man, I'll never make a joke like this again! I swear!

Jan lulu says:

Awesome video bro and we'll explain! Do you have a video where you explain how you are using Fibonacci levels?

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